Faithless is He: Momentum

Faithless is He: Momentum

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG Journalist




Today is the day! Today Issue 1: Unleashed is released for The Secret World.



Waiting for fans and fanatics is an update with bug fixes, new missions and new investigations all begging to be sampled and solved.



Today is also a very telling day for Funcom, Ragnar and the team who have all put in such hard work on The Secret World. Today is the first update, true. However there have been hints spread around by the developers and by Ragnar himself about what more is to come.



The most important part of that all is that it is coming. When, to my mind, is immaterial. Momentum is what we want nowadays.



Vibrant Worlds

It is safe to say that RIFT and Trion Worlds have something in common with The Secret World and Funcom. Sadly it isn’t the other worldly portals, but I will admit a part of me is terrified to think what would happen to Telara if Norwegians were unleashed upon it. Both games, both companies, both worlds have a sense of moving on and of actual time passing. Not merely the time marked by seasonal mini events dressed up so that they aren’t quite Christmas or Valentines, but a feeling that the world is moving around you.



It is that sensation of a constant vibrant world that we have missed for so long and that sensation is what I think will carry The Secret World and more into the future. You can rest assured, completely assured, in the knowledge that new content is only a month away. If they can keep the pace, and so far I have not heard anything that implies that they cannot, then you will forever be only a month away from something more. New missions, new stories, new outfits and weapons, and all the other items that make up the experience online are all surely on the way.



The feeling of the living world is its own special attraction. Look away and you might miss something. Stay in Agartha and your story only gets richer.



Picking up the Pacing

It’s not all going to be little instalments of course. Already Ragnar Tornquist has been laying hints here and there about Auxiliary Weapons and new areas. Piecemeal content by itself would hardly be enough to get excited about, but the confirmation that the game will continue being expanded in various ways is something worth perking up for.



It has been repeated many times by the team that they have a broad story laid out for us over the coming months and years.



There will always be people who speed through things. I wish them well and would never presume to tell them how to play. I know there are people listed on the Chronicle who have maximised their skill points and filled their skill wheel. That’s quite an achievement and makes me look rather slack in comparison. After all I have only just entered Egypt in The Secret World and still am slowly plodding away at my skills.



However you play though, we’ll all get more as time goes on. The steady drumbeat of monthly content is fantastic but it is the higher peaks that will catch people’s attention. New zones, new weapons and a skill wheel that seems made for expansion and modification.




This all sounds grand but some things need to be experienced by oneself to be truly appreciated. Previously we had a buddy code sitting encrypted at the end of an article here, this time around though there are no such hoops to jump through.



Do you want to play The Secret World? This weekend you can.



Head to the official site and sign up for the celebration on the right hand side of the page. Any previous beta testers will have their accounts re-enabled and any new and curious visitors can sign up for the free weekend and start downloading the game.



The generosity is quite simply part of the celebration. Here we are a month after launch, new content sitting in our laps and more to come in the next few weeks. Ragnar and team have promised more details on the new zones and weapons soon. There may well be something coming from Gamescom in two weeks time and of course will be there to find out everything for you.

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