Faithless is He: Silence is Golden?

Faithless Is He: Silence is Golden?

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG Journalist




Everyone who plays games has their own preferences. The music has to be just so, certain playlists may even be compiled for particular activities. Chair, drinks, snacks, add-ons…. The list goes on and on. Everyone likes things the way they like them.



One thing I have never understood however, is avoiding the general chat.



Oh don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy disdain for some of the nonsense that people talk about in general chat in any game, but it’s never really been something I make sure is completely out of sight.



Playing music instead of listening to your game, I can understand that. Using add-ons and map packs to get more out of your games, I can see why you might. Admittedly I am strange in that I almost never modify the basic UI of any game I play. But avoiding the presence of other people in the multiplayer game? No.. that never made sense to me until quite recently.



I started to grasp why anyone would do this when I read through Pete Smiths blog Dragonchasers on how he was playing Star Wars. When your game is leaning heavily on story, it makes sense to avoid the spoilers. It’s like watching trailers for movies; either something is going to lie to you or something is going to spoil the big surprise.



Why expose yourself to that?



Why in your wanderings around Kingsmouth would you give yourself the chance of having all the little secrets and answers handed to you?



Well… admittedly some people just prefer that.



There are times though when cutting yourself off from the voices of the players is a bad idea. This time especially is one of them.



Funcom continues to run Alternate Reality Games tied into The Secret World and we’re in the midst of one right now. If you go to and press 33 on your keyboard you’ll see what I mean. (editor’s note: mind=blown)



Fansite CryGaia has a fantastic write up of the ARG and the ones before it. I myself have been playing along. I have had my emails from the Black Watchmen. I voted to glorify or punish the traitors amongst the userbase. What I have not done however is found it easy or straight forward. Perhaps it’s a matter of practice; perhaps it’s a matter of ability.



I like to think though that it’s one of those things that will forever bind this community together. Solving ciphers and cracking stenography isn’t the work of just one person. It is a true community effort, a common cause and a common goal. It plays perfectly with Funcom’s desire to blur the lines between the real world and the game.



So even if you feel the need to hide from spoilers, to avoid what inevitably gets spread around general chat… don’t forget the community.



Want any more reason beyond the satisfaction of knowing what the answers are? Funcom is giving away virtual goods at the end of the current ARG. Ending on the 28th with the opening of the final seal, players will have the chance to get their hands on some in game wear and those in the community who have worked the hardest and contributed the most will be up for the chance to win a lifetime subscription.



Not bad for solving puzzles right?



For a full break down on the current ARG, visit and don’t forget to give Amelia your thanks for all her hard work on putting the guides and walkthroughs together.

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