Farmerama Review: Farmville Extreme

Farmerama Review: Farmville Extreme

by: Kei Beneza (DivideLife), OnRPG Journalist



Farmerama is a social MMO game similar to Farmville. The game is heavily played, and gets around 400,000 players online on a daily basis. The object of the game is simple, own a fully productive farm complete with animals, plants and various veggies. This however, is no easy feat, as much like any farming job, you will be plowing fields, waiting for seeds to mature, and adjusting to various weather effects before your crops reach tiptop shape. Farm game players are sure to enjoy what Farmerama has in store for them, with a great HUD, easy to learn interface, and a nicely animated background.


Making Moo-ney

I’m going to assume that you have not played farm games. Once you get your farm running, you will be harvesting crops and relying on your animals for cash and experience. This helps the overall rotation of your materials and budget, constantly expanding the farm with more crops and more animals to strengthen your income. I honestly don’t know what makes these games so addicting, but I would be lying if I say that I didn’t enjoy it. I guess taking care of virtual Chickens and nonexistent crops are somewhat—–fun!



Farmerama also has a ‘questing’ system in the form of orders. While some require a pack of different veggies, other orders require items and crops that are not available to you yet, making you work double-time to increase your level and income, thus unlocking the supposed order.


Take It To The City

As fun as it is to farm in a virtual world of animals that look like Shaun the Sheep, farmers will also have to leave the farm in order to buy seeds, show off their farm, as well as expand it. This is done by visiting the City, which apparently is just one click away (how I wish it was really that easy). Some of the features are exclusive to premium subscribers, but gamers who are playing the game for free can still enjoy it without having to pay.



Premium Power! Power! Power!

Yes, apparently every free to play game out there must have something to fund it with. The game does have a premium subscription, and it speeds up farming and reaping by a mile. They also gain access to ‘insta-farming’ utilities that sort of acts like a bot that instantly plows, seeds, waters and takes care of the farm for you. I would consider it the lazy way out, but if you REALLY want to have the best farm around with minimal effort, then this form of membership is for you.



The Verdict

Much like Farmville, Farmerama is a farm game worth playing. I personally enjoy these types of games while working, especially since it allows me to pass time and reap crops without having to wait for countless hours doing nothing. It’s a great game, but lacks a bit of player-to-player interaction. I would suggest linking the game to your facebook account, as it allows you to invite other users without difficulty. Never farm alone!




-Good visuals

-Easy to learn

-Just plain fun for everyone

-literally everyone can play

-It’s on facebook



-gets repetitive in the long run

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