Fast-Paced Ship ’em Up Maelstrom Releases This Week


Fast-paced fantasy naval battles await as Gunpowder Games’ Maelstrom releases this week (April 11th) into Steam’s Early Access program. Those who purchase during launch week will get 10% off of the 19.99 asking price. Players begin on the outskirts of a large map, shrouded in fog banks to hide in, as well as swift currents and deadly maelstroms. Monsters lurk beneath the waves, and sinking NPC ships/other warships will see those successful captains collecting treasure and powerups (or boons), which grant significant combat bonuses. Once a ship is sunk, the contents of said ship bob to the surface of the water, and whoever gets there first claims it.

As more players sink, the monster-infested ‘Dead Waters’ encroach on the outer areas of the map,
reducing the play area and forcing a climactic showdown. Entering Dead Waters is not an instant
death sentence, but no captain can avoid the wrath of the beasts which lurk there for long. Though everyone receives rewards based on how long they survived, only one ship will remain at the end.

Gunpowder Games Lead Developer Blaine Smith said: “We’re stoked to finally turn the game loose and see how players react to the monsters and chaos of 16 warships trying to outwit each  other, trading broadsides and blasting the bits off each other in battle!”

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