Fig Releases A New Campaign Format – Open Access

Press Release, a community-powered platform and publisher, has announced Open Access, a new funding vehicle for indie developers that is open-ended, content-driven and helps to create long tail awareness. Rather than the traditional specific funding goal for a 30-day campaign, Open Access, which is in Beta, allows indie developers to create an open-ended funding campaign tied to a development roadmap and a series of feature-based milestones showing planned content.

“The traditional crowdfunding structure no longer works for video games and a 30-day campaign isn’t enough time to properly build long-lasting awareness for an indie game. As much time as it takes to build a great game, it takes just as long to build a strong community,” said Justin Bailey, founder of “Given the current environment and considering what it takes to create a game that fans are excited to play, we are announcing Open Access. It provides developers with the ability to immediately and positively impact their financial situation, the game’s development cycle and organically sustain awareness growth. Phoenix Point and Kingdoms and Castles as prime examples of developers that continued the community efforts they started during the campaigns and grew their community.”

Open Access utilizes a unique open-ended structure to test out game features through milestones, which are tied to content. Backers pay for rewards and receive immediate access to the latest build of the game (games receive free updates throughout the development cycle). All game sales through Open Access are transmitted immediately to the developer rather than at the end of a “successfully” funded campaign.

Kicking off Open Access are indie developers Lost Pilgrims and Fowers Games have launched campaigns for their new titles. Based in Budapest, Hungary, Lost Pilgrims is made up of video game and tabletop RPG fans who are dedicated to creating a game that matches modern standards with an old school shape and feels. That game is Vagrus – The Riven Realms, a 2D strategy-role-playing game for PC, and its campaign begin today, May 8th.

In Vagrus, you play as a caravan leader surviving on a harsh, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy world, in charge of an armed traveling company (comitatus) that can engage in trading, fight as mercenaries, and explore perilous locations for treasures. Vagrus offers branching narratives, turn-based JRPG-style combat, as well as elaborate trade and crew management systems in a vast, hand-crafted sandbox world to explore.

“We have always had plans to run a crowdfunding campaign, not only to gain support for going faster and further with the project but also to engage players about certain aspects of the game. Fig’s Open Access model combines the best traits of a traditional crowdfunding campaign and Early Access within a positive environment, so it just felt right immediately,” said Gabor Szutorisz, Studio Lead, Lost

Fowers Games, founded by Tim Fowers, has a reputation for crafting unique gaming experiences, from popular board games like Paperback, Burgle Bros and Fugitive to digital games like Turning and Clockwords. Tim and his small team are bringing Pegleg to Fig’s Open Access on May 15th. Pegleg is a mix of a tower defense game and pinball. You play as pirates defending their beach from waves of giant crabs and sea creatures. Aim your cannonballs precisely to wipe them out.  Build pegs that give your shots special powers.  Combine powers to create insane chain reactions – like a frozen, lightning multi-ball. Faceoff in boss battles against enormous monsters from the deep.

“Open Access feels like the natural form of crowdfunding for video games. You get all the excitement and community, without the arbitrary massive funding totals hanging over the process.  Early backers get to play the game but will have the incentive to spread the word. By bringing their friends, milestones are unlocked, providing new features and content for everyone.”  Tim Fowers, Fowers Games.

Vagrus’ campaign starts today, May 8 and Pegleg’s campaign will commence on May 15, 2019. For more information, please visit

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