Flyff Interview V14: The Lost Continent

Flyff Interview V14: The Lost Continent
Questions by Eline Stiekema, OnRPG Journalist


Online RPG Fly For Fun (a.k.a. FlyFF) has a new version out. This fourteenth update carries the intriguing name ‘The Lost Continent’. Players who are ready to take a new challenge, are about to explore exciting new territories and meet new and dangerous Masquerpets. Also, two new dungeons are ready to be explored by the bravest. OnRPG spoke with the developing team to find out more about this new update.


Onrpg: Sounds intriguing, ‘the lost continent’… What’s the story behind this? How come this continent was ‘lost’?
Shaduwar was recently rediscovered by an explorer named Bartholomew Hunt.  In the beginning, Madrigal was part of a much bigger world called Roika. One of the Evil Clown Goddesses, Shade, broke up Roika and sent several smaller continents afloat. These new continents as a whole became known as Madrigal, and consist of Flaris, Saint Morning, the Garden of Rhisis, Darkon, and now Shaduwar. 



Ihabitants of Shaduwar


Onrpg: What can players expect when they start exploring this new continent?
When players first step foot on Shaduwar, the first thing they will be greeted with is the expedition camp, Fallen Leaf.  Although, these folks shouldn’t let the relative sanctuary of the Fallen Leaf Camp deceive them, however, as beyond the camp there are several dangerous new high-level Masquerpets to contend with. In addition, players exploring Shaduwar will find new quests, new weapons for all job classes, and 2 new instanced dungeons containing some of the fiercest Masquerpets any FlyFFer has ever encountered.


Onrpg: You decided to add two new dungeons. Can you say anything about what players will find in them? How is the response to the dungeons coming so far?
For those players brave enough to enter the new Aminus Dungeons, they will immediately find that if they did not bring friends, they may be in for a surprise ;). These new dungeons are designed and balanced in a way as to encourage players to form full parties in order to complete the dungeon. So far, the player response to the new dungeons has been very positive, however, I don’t think most players were prepared for how challenging these dungeons are!


Onrpg: Why did you decide to introduce a new way of upgrading items?
The reasons were two-fold. Prior to V14, players would often accidentally upgrade an item without protecting it first, which resulted in the item breaking.  Additionally, the actual ‘act’ of upgrading was a bit tedious and drawn out. Now, in V14, players are prompted when the appropriate protect scroll has not been used prior to upgrading, and most types of upgrades can now be completely automated.



Wings received in V14


Onrpg: What are the other big improvements, compared to former versions of Fly For Fun?
All new quests, chain quests, weapons and masquerpets have been added as well as stunning new wings that players can use to fly around with. With the previous update, V13, although several new systems were implemented, there wasn’t a lot of new consistent content to enjoy. V14 offers new high-level content that not only our veteran players can enjoy, but also new and casual players can set a goal to work towards.


Onrpg: Which new development are you the most proud of?
I think the entire team agrees on this one. The Aminus Dungeons! We’ve actually spent some time on our off hours teaming up to try and take on these dungeons. I have to say, we failed several times, but we eventually bested the dungeons! 


Onrpg: What kind of new developments can players expect of Fly For Fun in the future?
The next few version updates have already been planned out and Aeonsoft is already working on V15.  Although I can’t go into specific detail, we’re very excited about some of the things we’ll be introducing in the upcoming versions. I think most players will be very surprised and excited about the new updates coming down the pipe. Stay tuned for more info!


The Entrance Gate

Animus Guardians at Entrance


Onrpg: Thanks for your time! 

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