Flyff Interview: Version 13 Sneak Peek

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Answered by: Alexandra Pavels, Flyff Associate Producer

Onrpg has been glad to conduct an interview with Alexandra Pavels, Flyff Associate Producer, on the topic of their game’s current condition and future. With new updates and events on the way, Flyff is sure to attract new users in the near future: “The design plans for Version 13 are still under wraps, but preliminary concept documents suggest that it will be one of the most compelling updates to the game yet. We should see it sometime in the spring of 2009” explained Alexandra. Are you as curious as we are?

Onrpg: With the recent addition of Flyff Version 12, what kind of feedback has the community provided to the game?

Pavels: Players have been very responsive to the latest edition and seem to be happy with the new changes. The introduction of Version 12 added a lot of dynamic content to FlyFF that our users have received well. Of course, there are things that the players would like improved and we’re working with our developers to make that happen for them with our next Version.

Onrpg: Azria is a new game world area in Flyff. Could you please explain the mechanics of this area?

Pavels: Azria is what we call a “Premium Area”. Players can purchase tickets to this area and gain access to increased spawns, non-aggro mobs, and increased EXP.

We allow our players a variety of options as to how they are able to access Azria. We offer seven day and 15 day tickets that can be purchased from our Premium Shop. We also frequently give away Azria tickets to players during events. We very much encourage that players trade the tickets to each other in game so that as many of our players as possible are able to enjoy the benefits of Azria.

Onrpg: What plans do you have for this holiday season in Flyff?

Pavels: We are planning to hold a lot of sales and events for our players this Holiday Season. Currently, we have the “12 Days before Xmas Event” Running. We are offering free bonus items for any player who purchases specific items from our Premium Shop; many users that frequent our Premium Shop have been asking for a sale like this. In the past, we would have held this sale for only one day, but this year we’re stepping it up quite a bit. We will also be holding some awesome in game events for our players. Before planning these events we always like to look to our players for suggestions.

Onrpg: What makes Flyff such a unique free MMO?

Pavels: Flyff is one of the few free MMOs that display a willingness to evolve. As time goes on, the game experience shifts in an attempt to keep players interested and excited. We also pride ourselves on our wonderful community. Flyff is one of the few MMOs that emphasises GM interaction with players on a daily basis in order to keep in touch with what our players want and need. Our players are very friendly and willing to help each other. They support each other and are generally more active in game, in events and on our forums than other MMOs.

Onrpg: How strong is the current PvP aspect of the game?

Pavels: Although PvP is not the focus of Flyff, we do have a cluster with a few channels dedicated to straight hardcore PvP. No one (except low level players) is safe there. It can be tough for inexperienced players so we offer double EXP and double the normal item drop rate in those channels. While the PvP aspect of Flyff may be challenging, it is also very enjoyable. The atmosphere on our PvP servers can be very competitive; however the players on these servers also form some of the closest communities in Flyff.

Onrpg: Could you please offer us some information on your current events?

Pavels: In conjunction with our holiday events, we are also currently running the “Christmas” event, which includes the “Quest for the Golden Apples.” Players who choose this quest from Santa are give then task to collect Golden Apples so that Santa can make his special Golden Apple Pies for Rudolph. Without these pies, Rudolph won’t have enough energy to lead Santa’s sleigh! As a reward for the player’s help, Santa will give him/her a Red Stocking filled with holiday related items. Another part of the event involves the Mysterious Collector who just happens to love Santa’s special Red Stockings. Players can trade their Red Stockings with the Mysterious Collector for a special Christmas Gift.

Onrpg: What is your favorite aspect of the game?

Pavels: My favorite aspect of Flyff is actually one of the new systems that was recently implemented with the introduction of Version 12. The Lord system was one of the biggest changes that Flyff has seen recently. It also happens to be one of the most unique and dynamic. The Lord system allows players to vote for their own “Lord” on each server. This Lord is given many responsibilities and exclusive powers. Most importantly, the Lord has the ability to set increased drop and EXP events for the players on his/her server. The ability to run these events rests on how much revenue (in game virtual currency) is collected from taxes and donations from players. Lords have the ability to adjust the tax rates for their servers as well as receiving rare items that are exclusive to being Lord. It’s as close to being a GM (Game Master) as most players will get and it’s cool to see the effect it has on our community.

Onrpg: What is your favorite character class, and why?

Pavels: Personally, Blades are my favorite. There’s nothing like holding two giant, flaming swords and knowing that anyone you come across is going to be a bit more intimidated by you. My playing style in games tends to be aggressive, so the Blade class is very suited to me. It may also have something to do with the fact that I don’t have the patience to be a Magician.

Onrpg: What new updates do you plan for the future of Flyff?

Pavels: The design plans for Version 13 are still under wraps, but preliminary concept documents suggest that it will be one of the most compelling updates to the game yet. We should see it sometime in the spring of 2009.

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