Freaky Creatures Review

by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Freaky Creatures is a new MMO developed by Bandon Interactive Entertainment. It has recently been released in the beta phase, and is planned for full release in early 09. Without much released information of the game, it stands pretty unnoticed by many. In that respect, it is also in need of serious reparations and enhancement. Despite the many primitive MMO elements I had experienced while playing this game, I really felt as if something new to the market was being developed? something we have not seen before.

General Gameplay
This MMO was quite unique and more-or-less bizarre. As the game is extremely new, there is still much to be added without any major content left for testers just yet. I was able to fully customize a monster ?which was actually pretty fun; with many different body parts, weapons, wings… you name it! Undoubtedly, I had the most fun doing so. The rest of the game wasn’t too shabby, but it really starts to go down-hill from there on out. After creating a character, you have the choice to make a game, quickplay, join a game, or pick from another few game modes. These modes all amount to the same thing, indefinitely, which is basically joining a sort of lobby where you would meet other players online. Once you are in the lobby, and had enough of mindless running around, you can challenge other players to combat. From the small taste I had of the combat portion of the game, I’d say it needed some serious work. In basic terms, you equip your monster with acquired powers and abilities that are presented in the form of cards. Once that is done, you are ready to fight others in battles, which resemble a turn based card game. If a player wins a battle, he or she will receive a random creature part from their opponent’s selection, which they can use right away. Creature Credits are also acquired upon winning a battle, which are generally used to buy parts, powers, and other neat things for your creatures, and lastly, more health points and creature stats.

There are no quests featured in the game, as far as I know, but there may be plans on adding them in the future. I’d consider the game an extremely casual type, as there is no real material for a hardcore gamer. One could also fear of this game getting a little too repetitive, as well.

Graphics and Sound
I was at the same time impressed as I was disappointed in the graphics, for this title. Firstly, for a free MMO aimed for a younger audience, I wasn’t expecting fully 3D environments and interesting animations. The colors were strongly vivid, and the short animations were quite entertaining. However, having an average power computer, I experienced some serious lag in-game. I could not explore with my creature as I kept freezing into place. That was a true bother, but that was not all. The default camera angle is hideous! I could barely see, and I could not change the angle. Hopefully I just hadn’t discovered how, because I do not see this game getting any sort of fame with the camera angle I had experienced. Those few disappointments were the key factors that had kept me away from the game.

The sound was a different cup of tea. I didn’t honestly dislike what I heard, but it also wasn’t anything I’d keep listening to every time I played the game. I found it to be a little too childish for my taste, but seeing as their target audience is young; I admit they have done a good job with the sound. I believe their sound settings need to be more elaborate, though.

Personal Recommendation
This game was pretty difficult to review, seeing as it is just so very new and unfinished. However, I do have a few key points to base my perspective of the game on. Firstly, being a reason and a burden was the fact that there was hardly anyone online. In fact, most of the time, I was indeed the only tester online. I did play with a few others during peak hours, but otherwise I was completely alone. Sometimes I even played with game masters, as they were watching over the game quite carefully. It was extremely difficult to test a game that requires two players at the least to play… all by my self. I was still able to tweak with the creatures in creation mode, at the very least. Anyway, I also disliked the camera angle with a serious passion, and the same goes for the lag I experienced in the game the entire time. I was never given a break from it.

On the bright side, I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the game, the graphics, the animations, the movement (you can even jump around!), and the various game modes. I know there is a serious need of improvement in almost every area, but that is the very reason why the game is still undergoing thorough beta testing. Gathering player feedback seems to be their main priority, as they are even running many fun contests and sweepstakes. I believe Bandon Interactive Entertainment to be very devoted to their game, and I am positive they will make something of this title. I think it will grow in popularity as it is advertised and fully released to the public. The interaction value is there, the game isn’t too demanding in terms of time, and the overall experience can be quite enjoyable if played with some friends. I suggest you give it a try as soon as their beta testing is over in the early New Year, when the game has been heavily revised for the public. This way, you will most likely not quit the game disappointed, but remember to play with a decently powerful computer if you dislike intensive lag? which I bet you do!


  • Unique concept
  • Great customization
  • Promising development team
  • Enjoyable movement


  • Currently unfinished
  • No players online
  • Very laggy
  • Mediocre combat
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