Fresbo World Review: The Building Blocks of life

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist

Fresbo World is a flash-based social MMO from Fresbo Pte Ltd. The game allows you to create structures using blocks that come in different shapes and sizes.

Starting out

The character creation in Fresbo World has the standard options that are often found in various MMOs. You get to decide on how your character looks, the hair design, eye design, hair color, eye color, the gender and the type of underwear your character is wearing. Once you start your Fresbo World adventure you will be whisked away and will have to go through various quests to make you acquainted to the game. Some of the quests include getting to understand how the game’s basic control work to getting to finish your first blueprint set.

Game Features

Fresbo World has the basic control interface. You have the social button, the home button, avatar button, shop button and the FAQ button.There are multiple areas where your character can come and visit, each place has its own use but what it all has in common is that you get to meet people that belong to the region you assigned yourself. You get to interact, mingle and chat with other players and even play games with them. You can also dress up your avatar buy buying clothes that are available in the shop that’s found in the mall district. You also earn your first full set of clothes through the beginner’s quest that you would be finishing upon entering Fresbo World.

Fresbo World has a blueprint system. The blueprint works like a model kit where you get the parts for the structure you bought. You will also have a reference picture that you can overlap as you slowly build the structure you bought. Purchase able blueprints vary, the most common of which are displays where you can put in your home. The shops also sells blueprints for houses. If you have blocks to spare you can customize or add some of them to your finished blueprint design. With the game having a lot of blueprints on sale, there will never be enough space for you if you’re going to store it in one place. Fresbo World has the option of giving you up to twenty ‘homes’ where you can store your works of art. You can decide on the overall design of your home to suit your needs as you make one.

Fresbo Store

Pass the bomb?

Aside from the customization and creation features the game has, Fresbo World has a unique mini-game that gives the game more charm. The game is called Pass the Bomb, you literally have to pass a bomb to other players and that you have to make sure it doesn’t explode on you or your teammate. You start off with a random dealer of the bomb and that the dealer knows when the bomb’s going to explode. You have to second guess when the bomb will explode so you have to utilize your devious mind and hope for the best.


Fresbo World is one of those MMO games that you can play for hours without realizing that it already ate up most of your time. Building the blueprint items that you acquire in the game takes most of your time while giving you the free reign to do what you please after finishing the design. What’s more is that you are not limited to creating designs that fit your room, you can go as far as creating your house or even create replicas of real life items. Fresbo World is like your online version of Legos where the game only provides the building blocks and it’s up to your creativity to create whatever you want. What’s more is that you get to showcase your creations either through the forums or in-game. All you have to do is either invite friends to come down to your home or post the pictures in the forums.

Another thing that’s very convenient in Fresbo World is that your avatar can be linked from the game database to your forum account so you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to setup a separate forum account for Fresbo World’s forum. The mini-game feature that Fresbo World has provides a refreshing change of pace if you get tired of being a “Block Picasso”. The games are simple to understand and very addicting, what’s more, you get rewarded credits which you can spend on either shopping for your avatar or getting yourself more blueprints and blocks that you can tinker with.

The Pass the Bomb game in Fresbo World is another outstanding feature. The game mixes deception, math and deduction to make such an interesting and fun game to play. This is a nice escape from the brooding claustrophobic room where your character seems to be hanging out often because he/she is making another block masterpiece. Fresbo World is a social game in its core and this shows in the simplicity and ease of the social interface. Adding people and getting more information about them is also easy, all you need to do is click on their avatar and just read.

The multiple house feature is also a nice addition to the game. Most of the blueprints you buy are big and would take ma lot of space that’s why it would seem prudent to store them in different locations to maximize your space and to make things look neater for your victual abode.

The game does have shortcomings however its more of the lack of enough items to wear. This is remedied with a steady increase of new items flowing into the game. Aside from that, the game does become a little dull when you stay logged in more so when you log in during the time where your region seems on the opposite side of the world and that their day and night time are different from yours. If you want to spend your free time building things in a Lego-like fashion and you’d like to let the whole world know about it, Fresbo World is the game for you.


– Simple and addicting gameplay
– Social interaction is simple but effective
– You are given enough freedom to go wild with your creations.

– Lack of sufficient players when playing some people dependent mini-games
– The game needs more mini-games because it gets repetitive
– Some features are cash dependent.

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