Galactic Civilizations III v.3.7 Anniversary Update Launches

Stardock released a new update for Galactic Civilizations III today, v3.7 and celebrates the 4th anniversary of the game. Stardoc focused on a top-to-bottom series of improvements, based on fan requests. This update adds improved ship AI, multiplayer performance, memory use, pathfinding performance, pacing, and empire management UI. There is also a list of minor bugs that were fixed, which can be found on their forums. This update is a free download for owners of the game and there is a limited-time sale for the Core Edition (85%) and the Gold Edition (70%) when purchased through their site directly.

“After four years, we’ve come to know what fans want and don’t want in a space 4X very well,”
said Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock. “To thank them for their help and support, we decided to
tackle a lot of improvements that aren’t particularly glorious but improve the overall experience
of the game.”

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