Games That Should Be Resurrected

Games That Should Be Resurrected
By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist


In the MMO world, games come and go. Most of the time the ‘good’ games continue to receive updates while the ones that do not seem to work out are taken down. Unfortunately at times, games with great potential get shut down. There are various causes as to why this could happen. Some examples are bad management by the team, legal reasons, and financial issues.


Throughout this article, I will go over some of the games that had amazing potential but were shut down. Out of the many games suggested by our community, I have chosen Survival Project, Kart Rider, Tabula Rasa and Gunster. Thank you to all members of our community for offering their opinions, suggestions and information on these games.


Survival Project

We will start off with one of my favourite games; Survival Project. This game is very unique from other MMOs. Instead of the typical point and click, in Survival Project some skill is required to defeat enemies and other players. Survival Project is not an open world game and you are required to create or join a room from the lobby.


The game plays from a top down or bird’s eye view where you can see your character. You move around and attack using only the keyboard. The fighting requires some strategy as you may block attacks and then fire back with a counter attack. One wrong move and you will be killed.

To add some variety to the game, players are able to select between various characters. Each character features a unique play style and may vary in areas such as running speed, attack range, and attack power. You do not have to stick to one character; you may freely change between them depending on your mood.


 Revive Survival Project
Team Battle

To add even more variety, there is a card system which allows users to customize their characters even further.  There are various types of cards that will greatly benefit your character. Each character can equip three cards; a weapon card, armour card and a magic card. These cards provide characters with bonuses and may be upgraded using the in-game currency and elements, which are found while playing.


The reason this game is great compared to other games is that there is so much to do! It is kind of an online mini game where you are not obliged to grind monsters all day until you achieve max level and acquire amazing equipment. It is a casual game in which you can play every once in a while and leave whenever you feel like it.


You can choose to fight monsters, take part in player vs. player battles, just hang out in a community room or even play a simple game like a snowball fight or soccer!


Fortunately, the Korean version is still running. Hopefully a company will pick up this game after going through this article. Rumour has it that ijji might take this game, but this has not been confirmed.


Kart Rider

Like Survival Project, this game is also played casually. This game plays like a game I am sure most of you are familiar with, Mario Kart. Kart Rider, like its name suggests is a cart racing game. Players have the option to customize their carts and characters to suit their play style.

There are various game modes in Kart Rider. You can play any mode at any time depending on your mood. A few of these modes are the item mode which allows user to pick up items along the track to assist them in winning the race, speed mode which is racing without any items and  the scenario mode where the player must fulfill certain missions or goals.


Revive Kartrider
Racing in Kart Rider

To sum it up, Kart Rider was a great game to pass time. Players usually didn’t play it all day to achieve high ranks like other MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) but they played it to pass time and enjoy themselves.  Who doesn’t want to play an online Mario Kart game?


Nexon is still hosting the foreign version.


Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is an MMORPG which features a unique combat system. Unlike the usual point and click system, the game plays like an FPS. Players are required to use strategy during battles to stay alive. You must take cover, flank from the right place at the right time and manage your ammunition.


Players may also take part in missions. These missions may have various goals such as defending or capturing a point. Some of the missions are instanced to enhance player experience. Through missions players may also get to decide what they want to do, there isn’t one set way to complete the mission. The actions of each player affect the outcome of the war between the NPCs and the players.


The battle for certain control points is always going on. You had to ensure someone was defending the points and fighting back the monster NPCs unless you wanted to lose the points. Losing points also meant losing things such as re-spawn areas and even shops. The battle never stops!



Gunster plays like a 2D side scrolling shooter. Players are able to pick between various characters that differ in terms of health, boosters and speed. Items such as weapons or armour may be bought from the shop to suit your play style. These items will enhance certain stats depending on which you buy.


Players were able to run through missions which increase in difficulty as they progress, or matches where you go against other players. Missions are basically defeating enemies until you come to the boss, defeat it and you gain EXP and money! I know I make it sound lame but with a 2D side scrolling game play, it is very fun! Now the part of the game I find to be more interesting,  PvP. You may play various modes like Capture the Flag (CTF), Deathmatch and Survival. These battles are all about the skills of the players. You must know when to attack, take cover and have good hand eye coordination to aim efficiently.


Revive Gunster
Killing the boss


As you gain EXP and money you are unlocking more items to enhance your character. Keep working to make your character powerful and be feared by the players!


If this game play sounds interesting, feel free to check out games similar to Gunster like Soldat or Metal Slug.



All of these games were amazing, lots of fun and had great potential. What made these games stand out from the rest and possibly the cause they were taken down was that they tried something different from other MMOs.


If there are any publishers reading this article, now you know that gamers really love these games and you should grab this opportunity to bring these games back. It would benefit us all! 

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