Gamescom 2012: C9 and Arctic Combat

Gamescom 2012: C9 and Arctic Combat

By Shannon and Jonathan Doyle, OnRPG Journalists




While at Gamescom we got the chance to meet with a few people from Webzen. You may know them for games like Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) which released earlier this year and Arctic Combat which is currently in beta. During our meeting we got to hear about upcoming plans, learn a bit more about both those games and we even got to play them for a bit. This was the first time I had played C9 and while I was playing it Ardua was trying out Arctic Combat for the first time.


Before I get into the plans coming up for C9 I feel like I should talk about it a little bit. It is a beautiful 3D fantasy, action MMORPG which was developed by Cloud 9 Studios and is published globally by Webzen (though it is also published by several other groups in Asia to allow for the best localization possible). There are 13 unique classes which fall under four base classes.

Fighter: Warrior, Blademaster, Guardian, Berserker
Hunter: Assassin, Scout, Ranger, Shadow
Shaman: Elementalist, Illusionist, Taoist
Witchblade: Warden, Slayer

It has both pve, which is what I tried out and pvp elements. In the pvp experience there are several modes to choose from. They include, Teammatch, Deathmatch, Relay and Ranking Matches. There are also competitive pvp tournaments. The EU championship was held at Gamescom. The tournament in North America will be coming up in October and the World Championship will be held at G-Star in Korea at the start of November.


Combat is very free compared to other games. You don’t have to have a target selected. There are combo skills which are a ton of fun to play with as well as being visually amazing. Speed is an important part of combat. And best of all if you find the keyboard/mouse combination to be a bit awkward C9 does support joypads.


So! I said there were some things upcoming! I didn’t lie. Scheduled for release on September 5th is the first major update to C9. It’s being called 4th Continent and will introduce the ancient city Okapia. The level cap is going to be raised from 50 to 57. New content includes a lottery system which gives you a chance to win unique items from killing monsters. There will also be a skill book which will allow you to upgrade skills. On September 19th comes a new class update. These dates are of course subject to change, but keep your eyes out for news on them in my daily news article Shotgun News.


I had a fantastic time trying out C9. And though I wouldn’t take part in the pvp aspects of the game because I’m just not competitive enough I could easily see myself playing the pve aspects of the game. Even if the critters are sometimes just too cute to kill. Keep an eye on OnRPG’s giveaway page as we’ll soon have access codes to get you into the 4th continent beta test.


At the same time as Leliah was coming to terms with killing cute things, I got to grips with Arctic Combat and killing not so cute things. Well unless grizzled soldiers are your sort of thing.


Based upon the Unreal Engine and set in, you guessed it, an arctic setting, Arctic Combat is a team based shooter aimed at pretty much everyone. Arctic Combat is free to play and has recently begun its closed beta in Europe inviting people in to the frozen tundra to do battle as either the Red Star Alliance or the Allied Forces.



Naturally enough in such a team and clan based game the focus is on player versus player but there are pve elements available for play against challenging AI opponents. I can say that with complete certainty because well… it actually took me a minute to realize I wasn’t playing against players. Maybe that’s why I actually managed to pull off some of my more noob antics…


Either way while Leliah slaughtered her way through fantasy, I took aim in Webzens realistic setting. Want to call down an airstrike? Want to bring in UAV support? Want to modify your weapons and have your pick of a skill system that’ll be sure to spice things up? You want to head north then, find your way into snowy wastes and grab your favourite skin from the cash shop. Of course OnRPG has keys to get you there as well so don’t miss out.


No matter if you are fighting on a fantastic distant continent or merely in a near future frozen wasteland, WEBZEN were more than happy to guide us through and let us play in some very engaging and very enjoyable games.

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