Gary Gygax, Father of D&D’s Unpublished Works to Become Video Games


Fig, the community publishing platform is working together with the Gygax Trust, who owns the unpublished I.P. from Gary Gygax, the father of Dungeons and Dragons to develop and publish video games based on his previously unpublished works. These formed the inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons in the first place, and through this platform, they’ll find developers for Gary’s unpublished creations, launch Fig campaigns, and hopefully publish these titles.

“The worlds and characters to be discovered in my husband’s unpublished intellectual property are an incredibly important part of his legacy,” commented Gail Gygax.  “Therefore, it was paramount that we partner with an advanced and innovative platform such as Fig that gave us complete control of his creative vision.”

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Each series of Fig Game Shares generate returns from the sales of individual titles. Investors can earn returns from revenue shares from Fig’s publishing operations, distribution arrangements, publisher and first party buyouts, and advances on distributions. Since its inception in August 2015, Fig has had four of the top 10 most funded video game campaigns: Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity 2 ($4.4M), Psychonauts 2 ($3.8M), Wasteland 3 ($3.1M) and Phoenix Point ($766K).

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