GDC Update: UTV True Games Shows Us Faxion

GDC Update: UTV True Games Shows Us Faxion


GDC is in full swing and so it’s time for the various publishers to show off their wares. This morning we met with the UTV True Games team to get sneak peaks into some of the very promising games they’re working on.


Faxion is the first game we had a peak at, this Heaven vs Hell game has a very fresh and crisp look and UTV True Games Studio Head Frank Lucero was able to give us some interesting scoops:


Some of the feedback UTV got during the beta was that it was hard for people to notice when certain events would take place. For example if the enemy had a nasty crit on you or when your character was stunned or confused. In reaction UTV True Games is currently working on a system where the entire UI will work to inform you of these various events. When you get critted the screen will flash red, when you get rooted the bottom half of the screen will get overgrown with vines and when you get a confusion spell cast upon your character the screen may even flip upside down! We didn’t see any of these things but if they pull that off it could be pretty cool!


Faxion - Hell Hath Frozen Over!


Another interesting thing they’re working on is the tweaks to the high ground advantage. People didn’t notice it enough before so now the game will tell you when you are getting extra damage from for example the High Ground bonus.


The last thing I want to mention is the offline training. UTV have somehow managed to genetically combine the EVE Online skill system with a standard Skill Tree system so your character will be able to continue improving while you are not logged into the game. We wonder how that will work out!


In terms of monetisation UTV True Games has confirmed to us that every single item that is for sale in the cash shop can also be obtained 100% for free by playing the game. Some of them will be very rare and difficult to get but in theory a player would never have to spend a single penny to get the best gear in the game.


Another way they’re going to earn money from the game is by offering additional bagslots and character slots via the cash shop.


It’s very obvious UTV is very commmunity focused. Rather than spending time and effort on features that they are not sure the players will enjoy they plan on releasing the game in a playable but somewhat unfinished state. Then, depending on feedback from the players, they will continue to develop the features that the community wants the most.


Perhaps the most surprising news to come out of our meeting was that they plan on going live with game (“Soft launch”) in the next 30 to 60 days!

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