Glitch Online: My Life in a Browser

Glitch Online: My Life in a Browser

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist


Glitch is Glitch, there is no other way to describe Glitch Online other than saying its name. The Developers Tiny Speck made an absolutely brilliant browser game. Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants. What’s the aim of the game? There basically is none, there are loads of skills to learn, races to run, puzzles to solve and quest to do. The world provides a big playground for everyone to create their own path and to invent and create items. It is like the developers like to call it, ‘The world is your big, colorful, non-smelly oyster’. Recently Glitch went into beta after a very long closed Alpha phase. Tiny Speck this week ended beta and has brought the game into a semi-launch, though players must still request access to the game prior to playing. After watching the weird yet funny trailer I decided to read about it more and test the game, and boy was I surprised!



—- Warning —-

Now before you read further please note that this game can make you forget important stuff in real life. So before playing please be sure you have eaten food and got something to drink and fed the people close to you because once you touch Glitch the world around you disappears.

—- Warning —-


Now you might be wondering, if there is no purpose in the game what can you exactly do and what is the point? Glitch helps you socialize and build your character by playing the game and exploring every last street that is currently on one of the maps. What is so fun about exploring? Well while you’re exploring you get some quests, these quests will teach you the basics of some skills in Glitch. They also show you that you can take your own route and do whatever you want and learn every skill you think might be the best choice. Once you have created your character it is time to step out of the brain and step into the world of Glitch. After doing some basic stuff like jumping around and reading some notes you get the choice to meet a ‘Greeter’. These people will help you learn the basics of Glitch and will teach you anything that you require in the world of Glitch. They will also help you with every question you have so don’t hesitate to ask them anything since they are players in the world of Glitch as well.


Bow Before The Pig Overlords


After I had talked with my Greeter I went to change the outfit of my current avatar and went to read through the skills. There are plenty of options and skills to learn, and it is all up to you to decide what to learn first. I decided to take the route of a miner to start earning some extra cash. After I got my first pickaxe and mined some resources, I proceeded to sell them on the Auction market. The Auction is in a different window than your game but still interacts with your game that is running in another window. Meaning that if you sell or buy something the cash and the item will get delivered to you so you don’t have to reload the game or anything. After I had earned some cash I decided to get a home. Yes this browser game actually has housing and apartments! I decided I wanted something big so I bought a villa. I currently own 5168 Estevan Meadows Quarter, Groddle Meadow, Ur. So come visit me and knock on my door if you want to hang out! I am not planning to settle in a new place any time soon.


Mood and Energy

The game requires a happy mood and a full bar of energy to interact with objects in the world of Glitch. A happy mood gives you more experience in the game so you want to make sure your character is in a happy mood or else you might miss that little extra experience that could level you up. Energy is your life force and required to interact with anything in the game. So make sure you eat and drink a lot because food will regenerate your Mood and Energy. Be sure to have food with you all the time though because if you run out of energy and you have nothing to eat you will die. If you die you will get a small mini game that will help you to get back onto your feet again and return to the world of the living. Nothing is lost with dying but it doesn’t make your character too happy so don’t try to die that often.




Glitch is a really addictive game and I spent a lot of hours in it already. Even though it is a MMORPG without fighting, Tiny Speck really brings a fun aspect to the genre. The game is all about socializing, getting richer and learning as many skills as possible in an incredibly fun environment. There are a lot of places to explore and a lot of objects in the environment to keep you busy for a while. Currently it is possible to subscribe to the game to get a little benefit above others; there are some special clothes and other objects that a subscriber can get but nothing game breaking. I personally have a lot of fun playing this game and I would recommend EVERYONE to give it a shot because it will change your life.

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