Global Agenda: An MMO Shooter

Global Agenda: An MMO Shooter

By Mohammad Abubakr (Abubakr), OnRPG Journalist

Global Agenda is a buy to play MMOTPS (massively multiplayer online third person shooter) by Hi-Rez studios. Players have the choice between PvP with various modes or PvE that is either instanced or open world. The game uses a queue system to match you up with a team for everything except the open world PvE. You can queue up with friends to improve chances of success.



Global Agenda takes place after a fictional world war III. Two thirds of the human race has been wiped and a new world government, the Commonwealth, has taken over. The Commonwealth relies on its robotic forces to make up most of its fighting force. There are not many areas that are habitable due to the use of nuclear warfare.

The game modes are based around the story.



Global Agenda is played as a third person shooter but has many features which you would normally only see in RPGs such as a skill system which can be used to customize your character.

Talent Trees

Leveling up my skills

The game is played like most shooters by using your mouse and keyboard. The WASD keys are used to move while the mouse is used to turn, aim and fire. The number keys can be used to use equipment or switch weapons. Many key bindings are customizable to suit your personal preference.



This game is class based like most MMORPGs. You have a character creation screen where you can customize your characters. There are four classes to choose between and each class allows the choice between male or female.

Global Agenda Class Select

Class selection


The first class you can create is the robotics class. This class relies on its machines which can be built by the player and can be repair. Most of their damage and utility comes from their machines but their weapons can also deal damage. They can be built play defensively or offensively. This class seemed to work a lot better defensively when I played it. They are very good at PvE as their machines can heal the whole team and kill enemies.

The second class is the medic class. Like the name hints, they are in charge of helping teammates and keeping them alive. They are great to have on your team for PvE and PvP missions as you will need them to stay alive. Medics can also be built offensively by using various poisons.

Next is the assault class which is the tank of this game. This class uses heavy weapons such as Gatling guns or rocket launchers and are very hard to kill if a medic is healing them. They have various skills to allow them to take a lot of damage.

Lastly, there is the recon which is the most popular class in Global Agenda. This is a very fun class to play as they can be played either as a long range sniper or a close range assassin. The bullets in this game have some flight time so you must aim a bit off if the target is moving. The recon has the ability to stealth which has many uses such as taking down robotics machines and getting out fast.



The PvE in GA is pretty fun. You must begin at a certain location and travel through the map until you reach the end while encountering many different enemies. Players must queue up for PvE and have the choice between various difficulties. The map layouts are randomly chosen.

Global Agenda Cave Diving

Start of a PvE mission


There is a unique PvE game mode in this game called double agent. In this mode two out of the six players are chosen to fight for the common wealth. The chosen players work with the NPCs to fight the remaining 4 players. The level of difficulty depends on the skill of the two double agents.

Raids are also present in this game. They open at certain times and players must defend key areas that are under attack from NPCs. Multiple waves of attackers come and at the end there is a boss.

PvE does tend to get repetitive and boring and starts to become a grind. What I liked about this game was the PvP so I continued doing PvE so I can farm up and get better equipment and gain levels.



The PvP is my favourite part about this game and is not like many shooters in the sense that you do not just aim to get kills. There are various modes with different objectives that must be met to win.

The first mode is called control. In control there are three points that either team can capture. If you control the map by controlling the majority of the points, you begin to gain points for your team. Once you reach the required number of points, you will win.

The second game mode is called breach. This is very similar to control but this time only one team attacks while the other must defend the points. If all points are captured, the attackers win.
Next there is the demolition game mode. This is very similar to the mode in other games where you must plant a bomb inside the enemy’s base but in GA it is a bit different. Instead of just carrying a bomb, one player must control a robot which has the bomb and take it to the enemy base. This robot is very strong and can be healed by the medics.

There is also the payload game mode where one team must transport a container to the end point. The container moves when players are near it and follows a set path. If all the attackers are killed, the defenders can push the container backwards.

Finally, there is the scramble game mode. This is also very similar to control but only one point is active at a given time. One of the three points randomly gets selected and both teams must race to capture that point. The team to capture the point receives a point and the first team to reach three points wins the game.

AvA or Agency vs. Agency is a special PvP mode where agencies (guilds) try to control parts of the map. The strike force leader must bid on a certain part of the map and the agency that wins the bid can battle the agency which currently owns that land.



Global Agenda is a game that is fun at the beginning but tends to get repetitive over time. The action does not feel very fast paced compared to other shooters but is definitely fun while it lasts. Hi-Rez seems to work with the community so the game might improve over time. Currently it does not offer enough to make me want to keep playing it.

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