Goal United Review: GOL!!!

Goal United Review: GOL!!!

by: Kei Beneza (dividelife), Onrpg Journalist


Goal United is a new free-to-play football MMO browser game that allows players to manage teams and compete with other players online. One look, and you will know that the game is not your average web browser game. The ingame elements are so rich and highly detailed that gamers may think that the game is client-based or a console. Throughout the game, you will be negotiating and signing contracts with sponsors while continuously training your team to make them formidable in the field. As a manager, it is your job to make sure that your team is in tip-top shape. Having them practice all day may end up turning them to mindless soccer zombies, so you really have to balance their share of pain and pleasure as you slowly work your way to the championships.


Goal United Review



What made the game really accessible is its in-depth tutorial phase, which also gives tips on how to treat your team (massage parlor, anyone?). As you slowlygain popularity, more and more sponsors surface, allowing you to earn more money to reward and train your team with. This, however, is not an easy task, as you will be competing with other teams in order to get your club known. It’s really fun to hire people who can help your team progress further, and reading NPC resumes really makes you feel like an actual football manager. The game feels like a Sim-city, The Sims, and Football Manager hybrid. Aside from training your team and hiring therapists and coaches, you can also create buildings to further expand your clubs stadium, making it both eye-catching and attractive to fans. You actually have to expand your stadium regularly to fit more fans when hosting a game (parking lots included).


Goal United Review



Challenging other clubs may come off as dull to those who are anxious for continuous matches. Unlike other football games, matches in Goal United are scheduled, which means that once you issue challenge to another player, the game will give you a specific date when the match will be held. While it may sound like a hassle to some, it does seem pretty realistic, especially since both teams need to do their hype campaigns before taking the field.


Goal United Review


Those who are paying for a premium subscription however, have a different take on this matter, as they are given the ability to instantly search for someone to play with, the same way they can train or do manager tasks automatically. Although premium subscribers have the upper hand in terms of leveling their teams, it DOES NOT effect the overall balance of the game. It’s not that you can’t reach new heights with your free-to-play club, it’s just that they can reach it a lot faster. Still, with hard work, and a series of scheduled events, you’ll probably be king of the field in no time.


If you’re a football fan, then Goal United is definitely a must try. The game has a huge series of ups and downs. It’s basically just a loop of working and waiting. Even after signing contracts with sponsors, training your team, and upgrading your stadium, you will still be forced to wait for the next match. Want some tips? Take the premium subscription for minimal downtime.



-Excellent interface
-Premium Subscription
-It feels professional


-The waiting time
-The game is incredibly slow without premium membership


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