Gods War Interview Part 1

Questions by Brian Perry Jr., Onrpg Journalist
Answered by David Lin, Development Director

Onrpg: What was the inspiration for creating Gods War?

At the beginning of this project, I chose Fantasy of middle ages as the theme of this game whose first edition called Land of Heroes. However, I abandoned the idea soon. After browsing some pictures of Greek myth on website again, it occurs to me that to change the theme into Greek Myth. We set the game space time on the Age of Demigod in fairy tales. We construct the frame of the myth world, letting the player experience a world of gods, heroes and monsters. According to this idea, Gods War Online was created at last.

Onrpg: How well do you expect Greek Mythology to fit into an MMORPG?
We add the elements of Greek myth into the game by constructing game world and narrating story. There are two kinds of quest modes—storyline quests and assigned quests. The storyline quests tell a story based on game. Now we can disclose that this story has something with Titan and other gods’ cabal while the assigned quests are to complete the quests assigned by NPC in the game and then get the reward. It’s a bit like the pattern of rewarded hunter. The content of the assigned quests are always the little stories in Greek Myth. The other part is constructing a world of Greek Myth. Most of our game setting and elements come from Greek Myth. The famous gods, heroes and monsters will emerge in the game. Lastly, we have to mention that, though Gods War is a game of cartoon style, it shows a strong Hellenistic feature on its pictures and details.

Onrpg: Where will we find ourselves visiting in the game?
At this moment the game is at the final tense stage of conformity and testing. we will begin its Alpha Testing in the summer vocation of 2007 and the Beta testing will be officially launched in America, Europe and Asia at the same time after we assure final edition is stable. The date will be certainly in 2007

Onrpg: Can you tell us a bit about the core gameplay features?
Gods War uses the random equipment-generated system. The attributes and intensity of every item the players get are all created in random. There are seldom same items. What’s more, the game adds a special skill which is a special power that blessed by the god you believe in. It can break out tremendous power in a second. Using this skill in suitable place can probably change the war situation at once.

Here we can also disclose that there are two poleis in the game—Athena and Sparta. The rivalry between these two poleis is the key point of the game. Gods War online players have two LVL attributes, corresponding to two classes. These classes also have subclass respectively. For example, the class of Warrior includes ten subclasses, Wanderer, Conqueror, Mage ?Juggernaut and so on . The class of Scholar also includes ten subclasses, Sage?Oracle?Elementalist?Stormcaller and so on. When the players’ two LVL attributes reach high, they can change to the combined profession, such as Soothsayer, Troubadour, Paladin and Guardian. Changing to another profession is quite easy in Gods war Online. If only your level meet the requirements and you get profession certificate by completing certain task, then you can submit the application of changing profession to the profession administrator.

Onrpg: What will the ultimate goal be for players?
Indeed, the ultimate goal of the game is that as many players join the world of Gods War. We don’t have any anticipative utmost amount of players for this game. If we have to, that is we hope all the player all over the world join in..

Onrpg What exactly is the role of Develop Director?
Develop Director fully takes charge of the game development , lead the whole develop team, make and implement the working plan, design the blue sprint of the products accord with the requirements of player and the goals of product and so on. Usually a successful game is the effort of a whole team, but a Develop Director also plays an important role.

Onrpg: Do you have experience making video games?
Both our team and I have experience on making video games, but we pay more attention to the development of Asian marketing product in the early projects. Although Europe and America have a strong advantage on Consoles Platform, Asia has also developed MMORPG for a long time and has strong ability of developing at this moment.

Onrpg: What brought you into the video game industry?
First of all, it is interest that brought me into this industry. Moreover, the efforts I made are also essential. Game developing is a high technique industry, it’s hard for one to make achievements if he doesn’t have enough correlative knowledge on this aspect.

Onrpg: Consoles are quickly becoming as powerful as personal computers. What do you think of them being used to play MMORPGs?
Using Consoles to play MMORPGs is inevitable. We will also take it into consideration in our future game development. The platforms of Xbox360 and so on establish a solid foundation for the massive appearance of MMORPG in Consoles. These new Consoles have met the requirement of MMORPG in vision and network function. Certainly, we also have the intention of developing Consoles MMORPG, the only thing we need now is time.

Onrpg: Is there any advice you have for those who aspire to work on video games?
Firstly, you should keep your interest and enthusiasm. It’s the base of success. Secondly, you should accumulate knowledge. Game development combines technique and art greatly. Therefore, it’s necessary to pile some knowledge on technique and art. Lastly, you should insist on, once you make unremitting effort and be fearless of difficulties, success will come at last.

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