Granblue Fantasy: Versus Reveals Percival During EVO 2019

Granblue Fantasy Versus - Percival

GranBlue Fantasy is giving Western players their first taste of the upcoming Percival, during EVO 2019, taking place on August 2nd and 3rd, 2019. Percival is a noble warrior who has learned statecraft, with the hopes of founding their dream country. Alongside Lancelot, he served in a knightly order. Nicknamed the “Lord of Flames”, his dazzling abilities will be more than a match for his foes. During EVO 2019, there will be ad emo that features Percival, as well as a mini-tournament highlighting Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

If this weren’t enough, there will also be a live exhibition with Cygames Beast’s team. Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, PR Balrog, GamerBee, Fuudo and the latest member of the squad, Infexious will be at the event. The actual tournament will be at the XSEED Games Twitch Stream on August 3rd, 1 PM.

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