Green Hell Invites Players to Get Dirty in the ‘Mud’ Update

Green Hell Mud Update

Mud is always going to be fun, that’s just a scientific fact. With that in mind, Creepy Jar releases the Mud Update for Green Hell. This update is free for anyone who has purchased the game and is the final piece on the roadmap before the full launch later this summer. Creepy Jar is now focused on the story mode, but there are plenty of changes in this update. Mud is a new building resource that will wildly change how players build their camps. Players can now have mud walls and even build a forge to use iron, a new crafting resource. Iron can, in turn, be used to create weapons and armor.

Features of the Mud Update:

  • Hygiene System – You’re going to get dirty, you’ll have to clean up
  • Additional Building Resource – Mud
  • Additional Crafting Resource – Iron
  • New Constructions – Mud Charcoal Furnace, Forge, Mud Water Filter/Collector, Mud Mixer, Shower, Storage
  • New Modular Mud Buildings – Wall, Window Wall, Fireplace Wall, Shed Wall, Roof
  • New Item – Metal Armor
  • New Iron Weapons – Blade, Axe, Spear, Pickaxe, Arrow
  • New Language – Hungarian
  • New Notebook Bookmark – Mud
  • New Challenge – Blacksmith
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