Guilds of Delenar Coming to Steam Early Access in March

Guilds of Delenar Early Access News

Batholith Games, creators of city-build strategy game Empire Architect is introducing a new game, entitled Guilds of Delenar. Guilds of Delenar is a guild management game with RPG elements and tactical combat, entering Steam Early Access in March 2019. It seeks to shake up the guild management genre with its top-down strategy game elements, letting players create and take control of guild heroes, and customize/level them up however they’d like. You can fight for control of towns by managing these heroes and their gear, as well as go on quests.

“With Guilds of Delenar, we’re bringing immersive and ubiquitous amounts of depth to gameplay for a fully-fledged, well-rounded management experience, ” said Chris McAulay. “We’re giving players the full-reign and satisfaction of starting their own guild from the bottom-up.”

Guilds of Delenar Features Include:

  • Grow guilds from a ragtag group of starter heroes into a regional powerhouse
  • Hire and manage a variety of heroes and classes
  • Battle existing guilds in each town to claim the throne
  • Real-time battle and combat management
  • Strategically ordering heroes to complete quests for the town
  • Procedurally generated gear system for constant fresh loot
  • Multiple varying skill trees to make each hero unique
  • Five hero parties to assemble the perfect team
  • Dungeon crawling battles for experience and unique items
  • A diverse set of tactical battlefields
  • Various difficulty levels
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