GunZ Online Review: Fun Despite Lag and Outdated Graphics

GunZ Online Review: Fun Despite Lag and Outdated Graphics
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


GunZ Online is fast paced third-person shooter than allows players to duel it out in an arena with guns, katanas, daggers, and feats of Matrix-inspired stunts. The game is actually famous, being one of the first MMO shooters to feature this form of agility. The game has been around for a long time now, and is still serving players. GunZ Online is literally a fun casual game. You don’t really have to know your stats to perform well in this game. As long as you know how to shoot and dodge consecutively, then you’re going to have a lot of fun playing this game. I suppose I enjoyed this game to some extent as it made its debut during the prime of Counterstrike.


Create Your Gunner!

The character creation interface is marvellous, giving characters twelve accessory slots to fill in order for players to customize their avatars to perfection. I don’t think the game will suffer from character cloning anytime soon. There’s also a wide variety of guns and weapons to choose from. Let’s face it! Not all players are good with the shotgun, so giving users more firepower is the key to keeping everyone happy.


Create Gunner



Although the game sports the third-person perspective, it still uses the traditional WSAD controls. No doubt stylish games with controls that are easy to grasp can capture the hearts of MMO gamers everywhere, and might I say that this game excels at that. If you think those action jumps are hard to pull off, think again. You’ll probably realize that those air dashes are one spacebar away.


Action At Its Finest

The thing you just got to love about GunZ Online is how the battles are presented. Here players are free to skim the walls while shooting guns (yet another Matrix-inspired movement) and do back flips on walls like those ninjas on TV— only this time with guns. What else? You can roll forward while shooting and extend your katana or knife upon landing for some stylish points. Perhaps the best part about GunZ online is the fact that you can actually deflect bullets with your sword (that’s right! Your sword). Even with the presence of updated shooters, I still believe that GunZ Online shines regardless of its age.


Action Finest


Game Modes Ecstasy

What would a shooter be without diverse game modes? Worry not, for GunZ Online serves up 8 different game modes to choose from. If you’re in the mood to duke it out with everyone, you can always play Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch mode. Tired of battling it out like mad? Go try Assassination, or better yet, do quests with fellow players. There are lots of modes to keep you occupied, great way to avoid linearity.


Weapons And Gear

Like most MMOs, items like armor and guns have a level requirement, which must be satisfied for your character to wear the desired set. Experience (like cash), is easily acquired by playing the different modes of the game. If you prefer one game mode, then by all means stick with it. You’ll be levelling up soon :).





Unlike the other modes in the game, doing quests require a fresh room to be formed. You cannot join a quest game that is already in progress. GunZ quests, just like your average MMO quest takes players through excruciating missions while rewarding them after its completion. It’s a good way for players to earn enough in game currency for item mall gear, so keep doing your quests until you become a gun slinging millionaire.



GunZ Online’s visuals, to be honest, are  getting kind of old. Though despite its outdated graphic engine, the game can still make the most of what its got, giving awesome looking arenas and other forms of eye candy to keep players entertained. The sound is all right since all the guns have a satisfying firing sound and the background music provides enough adrenaline to keep you focused. One thing that really annoyed me though was the beeping sound. For those of you who don’t know, the game sends a beep to confirm that your shot was successful or that it hit the defending player. It gets really annoying every time I use my machine guns as the game beeps every time I fire at a character. Why did they even bother putting firing sounds if they’re just going to ruin it with those pager beeps?


Boom Kaching


It Gets Better

Perhaps one of the best things a game could ever have is the support of the community. Since tons of people are still playing GunZ Online, the developers often add something new (sorta like events) to spice things up. I’m really happy to see this form of support from the game, and I hope they’re still successful in the years to come.


The Verdict

Being one of the grandfathers of MMOFPSes (or MMOTFSes), I’d say GunZ is still worth playing evennow. It’s stylish and still has enough agility to keep gamers on the edge of their seats. In my honest opinion, even though we’ve seen FPSes with better graphics and tactical gameplay, nothing beats the hyper-dimension fighting experience GunZ Online can muster. THUMBS UP!


– Tons of Guns and Weapons
– Character Customization
– Just plain fun
– Population.

– That beeping sound must die
– Experienced players rely on bugs most of the time… K-style anyone?
– Graphics are entirely outdated
– Lag could be a problem.

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