Haimrik Hits Digital Stores on June 19th

Haimrik_05-2018_Screenshot 04

1C announced today that Haimrik, their action-adventure game will be postponed two weeks, and is slated for Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s digital storefronts on June 19th. With a sepia-tone visual and a focus on interactive words, Haimrik is about a young scribe on a perilous journey through the pages of the Words Warriors’ magical book. One of the only non-sepia tones used is the red of blood, which creates a very stark contrast for the game’s visuals. A creative and unique game, Haimrik’s interesting characters and dark humor will definitely stand out when it goes live. The Power of Words is great, and few games illustrate this quite like Haimrik does.

Haimrik Features:

  • Unique action adventure built upon interactive words.
  • Medieval comedy full of dark humor and over-the-top cartoon violence.
  • Rare sepia-toned view of a medieval fantasy world.
  • Eccentric characters to meet and adventure with, like the lioness Masamba who will protect Haimrik from harm… when she’s not trying to eat him
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