Hattrick Review: Because Everyone Deserves Their Own Football Team

By Kei Beneza (dividelife), Onrpg Journalist

Do you think that you’re good at soccer? Do you have what it takes to lead a soccer team to victory? If you love Soccer then this game is definitely for you. Hattrick is a browser-based MMO game, which doesn’t demand that much from your computer since it’s practically just texts and images. You don’t need any third party software nor any form of downloads to run the game. Getting into the game is as simple as creating an account and logging in. After agreeing to the game’s terms and conditions (provided that you’ve filled in the necessary information) then you’re ready to go. What makes this game really awesome is its massive player base (and I’m not even talking about soccer players). If you want to play football manager with a large community, then this game won’t disappoint you.

I want to play this game, but I don’t know anything about football!

Sorry bro, the game uses soccer terms so you will have to be familiar with the lingo before you start playing. The game is quite newbie friendly but only if the player is a soccer fan (posting the rules wouldn’t hurt you know). After starting my review, I immediately browsed through our library to find the “Soccer for Idiots” guide. After familiarizing myself with the terms and rules, I found that the game really makes you feel like you’re in charge.

Hey Michaels! You suck! You’re leaving!

Much like your average console Fifa soccer game simulator, you are in charge of your team’s wellbeing. Making sure they function well on the field, you get to pick between who goes and who stays. You can also train new players in order to surprise your opponents (yeah, nothing like a super rookie to catch them off guard). It’s up to you whether you want a better striker or a better goal keeper. The choice is yours and yours alone. Know that your decisions could greatly affect your team’s performance so choose wisely, for it is up to you to lead them to victory.

Hattrick Trophee

Bring in the bacon! More money means more aesthetics.

Players aren’t the only thing you can mess with in this simulator. The game (or application) lets you upgrade your team’s home court (or in this case, home field LOL). You can sell some of your prized players if you’re in a rush to purchase things (but that wouldn’t be very bright now would it?). If you want a bigger stadium, then work hard for it.

Oh! So that’s where you lack training!

After drowning myself in sports simulators, I was actually surprised at how this application (or game) managed to go in-depth with some information. Not only do the player’s statistics reflect their overall performance on each game, the stat board (player interface) actually shows you’re their individual strengths and weaknesses. It shows you which position your players are comfortable with. It’s a good and realistic feature for you can now assign your players in their own respective post on the field, knowing that they’re going to function well on your behalf. Bring in the money!!!

Graphics? Wuh?

Ever used the mybrute application? It would actually be a whole lot better if they managed to provide a cheap form of visuals in order to give you an idea how your team’s doing on the field (in real time). The interface is rather simple, and consists mostly of green and white boxes for your options. It’s user friendly, because that way you won’t have to browse the screen for the Home button. You do however, get a nice view of the city where your stadium is built, and yes you can see how well your stadium looks after doing some extensive upgrades. Players tend to have their own pics, which makes it easier for you to remember them.

Working your way to the top

Everyone has to start at the bottom of the food chain. If you feel like your team is on a losing streak, don’t mind it. Since your team lacks experience, it’s up to you to train them further. Don’t hesitate when fighting other (more experienced) teams since this could also work to your advantage as a newbie team. Grind your way through tough matches and hope to magically win against an experienced team (who knows?)

Hattrick Team

That’s all?

Unfortunately, if you’re not satisfied with the game’s free to play goodness, there’s always the addon option that lets you boost your in game experience. No, the addons are NOT free so I guess these things only apply to diehard fans. In case you were wondering, these addons don’t really make your players better (hah! Expecting something?). The addons merely enhance your options when dealing with aesthetics. It’s more or less the same as paying for a brand new wallpaper when you can just play with your default one (yep,  nothing special there). You can also pay for the premium service which doesn’t really help much, again another form of aesthetic enhancer. You don’t really have to pay anything to enjoy this game. Register, login and have fun.

The verdict

One thing that makes this game (or application) run would be its massive community. It makes it easier for a lot of players to start because there are lots of people who can answer your newbie questions (considering the game’s lack of tutorials). Browsing through your player’s stat board is pretty awesome since it indicates how well you’re doing so far. The stadium builder is pretty cool, and you really don’t need any form of addons to make your in game experience better. The game requires proper endurance and perseverance since you’ll be experiencing tons of losses before you actually get a shot at something (hey everyone has to start small, so it’s no biggie). The only thing I find nasty about this game would be its total lack of tutorials. Not only did I have to ask people what to do, I even had to research how soccer was played. Anyway, though I’m not a fan of soccer, I actually found myself enjoying this game a lot more than expected. Must Play? Definitely

The good:
-Large player base
-Newbie friendly INTERFACE
-No downloads necessary

The bad:
-Lack of tutorials
-probably something for Soccer fans only
-Addons are too expensive for what they’re worth
-Lack of visuals (some browser games do it)




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  • Peter Heuvelman

    Warning. Hattrick charges 6 euro if they decide to close a paid account when asked for a refund. It is their terms of use.