Heroes of Newerth: The 100th Hero is Here!

Heroes of Newerth: The 100th Hero is Here!

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist



Last week Heroes of Newerth released its 100th hero, Kinesis! After reading over the hero preview I was very excited to try out Kinesis because of his unique skill set. I really love how S2 is not afraid to implement new game mechanics. Playing with heroes that only offer stun and damage abilities can make the game quite bland.



Kinesis is an intelligence hero that relies on the manipulation of nearby objects and minions. He is able to lift and throw these objects from afar. This is because Kinesis has learned to control the energy which flows through everything in the universe. Just imagine a Jedi lifting objects in Newerth.



Kinesis’ abilities

His first ability Stasis Smash allows Kinesis to lift an ally or enemy and stun them. While they are floating in the air they take 50% damage but upon landing they will stun nearby enemies in a small area.



I mostly use this skill offensively but it can also be used defensively. Since the floating target takes less damage it can be used to save yourself or a teammate in situations where stunning the enemy would not do so. However, the ally targeting can be annoying at times. Just like Behemoth’s fissure ability, if it is used incorrectly it can cause the enemies to get away.



Telekinetic Control is his second ability and allows Kinesis to lift nearby objects and creeps. It utilizes a charge system with increasing maximum charges depending on the level of the ability. At max level you are able to lift up to four objects.



Telekinetic Control can help control the lane. Simply lift creeps to change the lane’s position.

This abilities’ second part allows Kinesis to throw these objects at an enemy to inflict damage and add a slow effect. All of the lifted objects are thrown at once so it is wise to lift up the maximum number of objects before throwing them. Each cost does not take up a lot of mana so it is recommended to use this ability to harass, but if you are constantly lifting four objects the mana costs can add up.



His third ability, Inherent Defense, is a passive shield that charges up based on the amount of magic damage dealt. No explanation is needed for this ability as it is quite simple; it helps you stay alive.



I was a little bit disappointed with his ultimate ability; Mass Control. While the skill itself is creative and fun to use, it is almost identical to his second ability. The differences are that this ability lifts more objects in one use and does AoE damage when thrown. I was hoping for another unique ability to go alongside his unique skill set.



This ability works with Telekinetic Control and throws all objects lifted into the air. This means that you can lift up to 11 objects (seven with the ultimate and four with his W ability) and throw them all at once for massive burst damage. Support heroes will hate you for this combo.



While playing Kinesis, my skill build for the first six levels is as follows: W,Q,W,Q,W,R. Afterwards you want to get one level in your E ability after maxing W. For the rest of the game your skill priority should be as follows: R > Q > E. Stasis Smash can also be leveled at level one if you feel you will need it early on.



The EA exclusive avatar looks great!

As with most heroes in HoN, items depend a lot on the matchup. However, I start almost every game with 3 runes, a potion, two minor totems and two Mark of the Novices. This setup gives me some extra stats early on which makes last hitting a lot easier. The Mark of the Novices can also be turned into a grave locket later on for additional stats for a very cheap price.



On Kinesis I find myself going Steamboots every game. After learning about the stat swapping trick I have come to love Steamboots. The stat swapping trick is simply changing the Steamboots’ stats to a stat which favors your current position.



If you are going to be nuking a lane or enemy, swap to Intelligence before doing so to have more mana. Strength is used when you want to survive longer and agility can be used to farm on agility heroes.



The only thing to keep in mind for tread swapping is that swapping to a stat such as intelligence or strength will not speed up your regeneration. Surely the amount regenerated each second will rise but when you switch back to another stat, the MP and HP values get changed depending on their percentage. What this means is that even if you switch to strength to gain more health, the current 1000 health you have will just change to 900 health when switching to intelligence or agility.



For your core items you should look to build a Tablet of Command and a Nullstone. The Tablet is not too expensive but provides a lot of utility. You can easily catch up to enemies or save yourself. Just do not forget to use its active!



Most of the time the Tablet is purchased before the Nullstone but if you are getting good farm the Nullstone’s regeneration can help a lot during the laning phase. The health regeneration allows you to stay in your lane for a long time while the mana regeneration gives you the ability to spam your spells. There are some games where the Nullstone is not the best choice but more often than not it will be a core item. Optionally you can pick up the health tube early on for laning power and then continue to build the Tablet of Command.



I have seen Kinesis players build Spellshards to add to their damage but I am not a big fan of the item. I really love items that have active effects to provide utility and items that provide many stats. After your core items, items such as Sheepstick, Frostfield Plate and Shrunken Head are wise options. Since caster’s abilities do not scale in the late game, building items to help your team are the best options. I can only see myself building Spellshards if I am ahead of my opponents. Adding to your damage early on while the enemy is behind can make it very difficult for the enemy to catch up.



During the laning phase you want to be using your W ability a lot to harass your opponents. Do not focus too much on harassing as you will need to farm up some items. In team fights having a large mana pool is essential to landing kills.



During team fights, stun the enemy carry and focus on killing their squishiest hero first. To do so cast your ultimate and W abilities to lift up a maximum number of objects. Launching them all at once should almost always guarantee a kill on the support character. With the Nullstone and Frostfield Plate alongside your passive shield you should be able to absorb a lot of damage but do not get too greedy. Always keep moving around locating more objects to pick up and toss. Since trees can be lifted you need to stay near them.



To conclude, I highly recommend checking out Kinesis. He is very fun to play because of his unique skill set. His ultimate is a bit disappointing because of its similarity to his W ability but I believe S2 did a great job designing this hero. Looking forward to more unique heroes!

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