First the game is P2P, 13 dollars per month. With a free month trial.

Grouping I haven’t grouped much, as I haven’t gotten any chars I’ve tried out high enough. So can’t rate this.

Crafting Normally I wouldn’t like any crafting in a MMORPG, but, this is where the game passes, the crafting rocks. Equip an item needed to craft, start mining it, craft it into whatever you need to craft the item you want and it’s done. I haven’t explored this part of the game much yet so. 8/10

Monsters A nice variety, in the beginning there’s not much variety besides undead. A lot of maggots/zombies in the beginning. In the world there’s mostly undead, with different kinds of elements thrown in. 8/10

Solo Solo rocks in this game, recent MMORPG’s have been forced grouping, luckily you can still solo monsters, it’s not like Asheron’s call where you can solo monsters 50 levels or higher above you. But you can still solo without having to group. 9/10

Music/sound affects The music is pretty good, don’t listen to it much so, I haven’t gone into the blighted areas in beta the lighting affects in blighted areas was good. The monster noises are good also. The magic sounds are good to. 8/10

Graphics It might just be me, but with graphics set on High, they are great, any higher it starts to lag, that might be the game so. The character details are nice, especially on the dragons. I love the blighted areas graphics, and Tazoon, the capitol city, wow, the most awesome city in any game I’ve seen, although, it’s pretty much empty for such a huge city. One thing Horizons is missing so which well lower the score, no weather affects besides the blighted areas. Hopefully they plan to add weather. 8/10

Items/Loot Everything you find on a monster as to be crafted, nothing you can use, except imperial tokens, which you can use to buy crafting formulas or sell them for a lot, on my server they sale for about 200 copper. Items are nice, a lot of things have a restriction on them so, they don’t decay, which some people don’t like. The no useable loot on monsters lowers the score. 6/10

Races/classes This is my favorite part of the game, so many races to choose from, and any race can be good with any class, so a half giant could be a mage if he wanted, although it makes more sense to be a melee with one. There’s a lot of races/classes to choose from. Then prestige classes you choose if you want once you get enough of the requirements to become one. 10/10

Overall No PVP, but I never PVP anyways, So far I’m having a lot of fun, the AI where monsters gather up then attack player cities is a nice idea. Magic classes are fun watching the spell affects, although I noticed they leveled slower. You can build bridges across lands to get to a new land, repair dungeons, unlock new races. The blighted areas well always be different on each server, all servers well be different, one server might have a bridge, another might have unlocked a new race. Overall I rate this 8/10

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