Hyakki Castle Brings Ancient Japanese Demons to Life on PC

HYAKKI CASTLE Haunted Halls Trailer - YouTube

Happinet has announced that their real-time dungeon RPG on PC, Hyakki Castle is now live for the western audience. Prepare to be transported back in time to the 18th Century, to a castle where players are charged with leading a party to subdue the vile lord in charge. Set in a more fantastical version of the Edo period, folklore and ghost stories come to life and you must do battle with them. PIck either a Samurai or Ninja and solve puzzles and trick cunning traps in this horrific castle. Do battle, defeat bosses, and defeat the gloomy Lord that awaits you at the end. A unique 2-party system is waiting for you, something that has yet to be done in a real-time dungeon in this manner.

“All of us are particularly enthusiastic for the opportunity to add our contribution to the dungeon RPG genre, creating a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful experience,” said Masaru Saito, Producer at Happinet. “We’re proud that Hyakki Castle showcases the deep roots of Japan’s rich folklore and hope it delivers an exceptional and gratifying experience to RPG fans around the world.”

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