Infinity Online Review: Combined Hack & Slash with Style

Infinity Online Review: Combined Hack & Slash with Style
By Jeffrey Kerkdijk (Hyarume), OnRPG Journalist


Infinity is an online room-based hack and slash multiplayer game developed by Windysoft and hosted by Gametribe for the European public. The game offers a wide variety of missions and PvP.


Infinity online is like a martial arts combat centered game with its own style. Just like in Dynasty Warriors you will have to hack your way through hordes of enemies (not as many enemies at Dynasty Warriors but still you get the picture). Yes, you are going to hit everything on your path with a single blow in Infinity Online. It’s one of games that can remain entertaining for many hours, not despite but because of its flashy, overpowered repetitiveness on offer.


Into the Game

There are nine initial character archetypes you can choose from, and they are rather defined by their gender, body-type and, most importantly, their weapons. For example you can choose Kirius, a slender, gloomy-looking man with a long spear who is out for revenge and will bitterly slay anything in his way. Or else you can choose Beakho, a smaller but broad and powerful man with a sword in one hand and a claw in the other. He has devoted his life to battle and becoming stronger. Or if you go more for the female playable characters, Elina has a dual bladed spear and looks like a little angelic-demon (yes, that dual-sided). The nine different types have their own background stories and therefore developed their own independent fighting style and preference for different use of weapons. All of them are powerful souls who will let nothing stand in their way.


The background of the game-world doesn’t have a real story, although there are missions (called ‘acts’) that have their own descriptions which add some depth to the game. Mission rewards include XP, items and Luna (the in-game currency). Infinity also hosts PvP content in arena style. Pick a map, mode, fighting type and whether you want to fight with guards or without guards. There are some maps where you can fall off; these so called Ring-Out maps are more challenging than the regular maps. But these matches are also shorter. You can buy other guards, extra characters, extra skills, and other clothing all in the item shop. Some of these can be purchased with Luna, but most of the items on offer require you to get KASH to pay for it. KASH is the cash shop currency from Gametribe.

The controls are good, you move the camera with the mouse and you can attack with it too. You can jump with spacebar, dash with Q and counter attack with R once fully charged you can even unleash a special attack with F. All of these moves, obviously based around the standard WASD navigation keys. The controls work excellent and offer for quick responses in any direction as you mow down your enemies. 


Graphic Quality

The graphics of Infinity Online are pretty good. The designs are amusing and carry a heavy East-Asian influence: the fantasy-combat outfits are all shiny and reveal skin at the most interesting places. The combat moves are highly graphic and will flash around the screen, accompanying the tossing of bodyparts. Overall the animations look top-notch and the game can look amazing. Certainly the moves may get somewhat repetitive, but there’s more than enough entertaining content so that even the grinding doesn’t get boring. If you adjust the settings, you will hear that the sound-effects are standard but that is good enough.


Personal Experience

Back when I played Infinity Online for the first time during the Game & Game beta, I was hooked. I told my friends that I had found a great fun game to play. During that same year half of my school class got into the hack and slash game that Windysoft made for us. The game was different back then, and the NEW Infinity has changed. It is bigger, more in depth and overall it feels like a new game now. They implemented things like jumping, purchased skills that only last for a week, or a month, and so on. The game became influenced by the cash shop. Premium characters are now only available on cash shop. Overall it became a commercial game.


Nowadays Infinity Online is heavily influenced by the cash shop, the balance that existed between the players during the Game & Game beta is gone. Players that pay for the game will have a big advantage of those who don’t and it is sad to see that this has happened to a good game like Infinity Online. The game is still fairly popular, but to me it has lost its touch.



Infinity Online is not a bad game; the game offers a lot of things to do and is fun if you play casually. However if you are a hardcore player Infinity online won’t be fun for long, and you will notice you’re doing the same missions over and over again. PvP is a rather interesting feature of Infinity Online and can be fairly fun. There is a pretty good balance between the characters, but the cash shop does have an influence on the balance of the game. Some characters are only available if you purchase KASH. These characters aren’t overpowered or anything but they are different, they have a totally unique style of battle and not having these characters might give your opponent an advantage against some of the standard characters.


Infinity Online, being a hack and slash 3D multiplayer game does have several flaws, but if you can overcome these flaws and if you can enjoy a casual game give Infinity a go. If you are like me, a player that had played Infinity Online from Game & Game, then let it go because it is a different game now.


Action combat with fluent animations
– Missions
– PvP that is somehow balanced


– The cash shop
– Repetitiveness


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