Is this the end for Talisman players?


Could it be the end for Talisman players? The Harbinger is unleashed today, foretelling the end of the world across the Talisman: Digital Edition universe. As the third expansion for the mobile/PC version of the game, it’s also the first in their partnership with Asmodee Digital. Annihilation is imminent and this content is not for the faint of heart. Fire falls from the sky and the oceans begin to envelop the land as the end of days comes perilously close. Only the bravest and most skilled with survive, and even then, only with great luck on your side. A pile of new adventure cards, spells, terrain cards come with this, as well as 32 Omen cards, two alternative endings and three new characters.

“We’re really pleased to launch the Harbinger, our first expansion in partnership with
Asmodee Digital. This is the third major Talisman: Digital Edition expansion to be released
this year and we know fans won’t be disappointed with the catastrophic twists the Harbinger
brings. So shut yourself in this Christmas and prepare to face the end of the world!” Don
Whiteford, MD Nomad Games.

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