Islands of War Interview: A New, Promising MMO

Questions by Bryan King (Bryan), Onrpg writer
Answered by Jacques Rossouw, project leader and founder of Islands of War.

Today, we’ve landed an interview with Jacques Rossouw, project leader and founder of Neojac Entertainment’s flagship MMO, Islands of War. IoW is backed by a strong storyline, an active community, and interesting world to explore.


OnRPG: Hello! First, introduce yourself to our readers.

Jacques: My name is Jacques Rossouw. I am the Project Manager and founder of Islands Of War. I have been working on this project for over 2 years and see it grow to what it is now with the help of a awesome team who shares the same vision.


OnRPG: What inspired you and the development team to work so long and hard on your flagship title, Islands of War?

Jacques: When it started it was just a dream, as time went past and with the help of companies like Multiverse that dream was given a chance to become a reality. Our vision was to make a game done by players, and to show that if you have enough perseverance you can develop a game which others would want to play. I would not say that it was easy as most of us have day jobs and have offered all our spare time we have to this project to ensure it’s as good as we possibly can make it. After such a long time working on it we are finally starting to see the fruits of our labor and that means a lot.


OnRPG: Introduce us to the races and “affiliations”?

Jacques: We intend to introduce many new races as the beta moves along, at this point however players will be restricted to playing Human “Primal Soldiers” who find themselves cutoff from the front lines of the war they were sent to fight in.


OnRPG: What unique features will be implemented in IoW?

Jacques: We have several unique features and the first that players will notice is the optional objectives on many of our quests, each quest has something extra a player can do for better rewards. Additionally once a player levels up they have the ability to choose any skill from any class, in this way each character can become exactly what the player wants it to be. Beyond that we have two or three other things regarding player abilities, crafting and world domination that we aren’t quite ready to talk about.


OnRPG: Will there be any interactions between players that are rather unique to the MMO industry? Different orientations of PvP, RvR, trading, etc.?

Jacques: While large sections of our world will be ‘tamed’ the wild frontiers will have PvP allowing groups or guilds to claim sections either for their empire or for themselves. Combining PvP areas with PvE areas so that players will be able to play both sides on one server without the need to switch to a dedicated PvE or PvP server.


OnRPG: What was the most important mentality behind making the game? Emphasis on fun? Combat? etc.?

Jacques: Players control of his character and surroundings, this goes all the way through both gameplay and the development process as we really are a community driven project.


OnRPG: Did you and the development team have any inspiration behind making the game?

Jacques: I will admit I have been playing MMOs for many years and always found that at some stage there was nothing much more to explore or intrigue me so I decided to try and make a game that would never have players feeling like that. It’s a tall order and I hope we can fill it but that’s where it started. As we continued to develop the game and merged all our ideas together the game started to take form into something we are excited to play ourselves and with that we have been inspired more every day the further along it goes.


OnRPG: Where do you see Islands of War a year from now?

Jacques: We hope to be at the end of our beta phases and opening the game up to the public fully, moving into the next stage of Islands of War.


OnRPG: What will keep players coming back for more in IoW?

Jacques: Our first objective to keep players coming back is the community, making sure they feel at home right from the start and always welcome. Working closely with our community of players we will aim to develop the game to what the players want as that was our goal for this game from the start. By adding more features and content to the game on a regular basis we will insure that players are always interested in IOW and we keep them on their toes with new adventures and places to explore.


OnRPG: In terms of graphics, what are some of the most interesting graphical achievements IoW has?

Jacques: In the future we plan to provide a 2d flash browser based client along with the normal 3d client which will give players the option to play the game in full 3d or 2d, while still interacting with each other in the same world.


OnRPG: Any future expansions planned?

Jacques: After our first release we will be releasing many updates which will include new races. Our goal within the first year is to add several new playable races with their own storyline and adventures.


OnRPG: Thanks for answering, Jacques!

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