Jade Dynasty Ascension Expansion Tour

Jade Dynasty Ascension Expansion Tour
By Jeffrey Kerkdijk (Hyarume), OnRPG Journalist


Jade Dynasty Online just released an expansion called “Ascension”, a good reason for us to check out what’s new. What has changed in the world of the humans on the path to immortality? And what new content is there to be found? I was invited to participate in a special tour in Jade Dynasty and spoke with the Game Masters who showed me some great stuff and shared what was new. Now I share with you!


New Skill Pets

Ascension Introduces New Skill Pets


Flying mounts

Later introduced in the world of Jade Dynasty are the flying mounts, these mounts are extremely helpful for traveling long distances. But in Ascension they can be used for another purpose, combat! Yes, you heard that right. You can now fly and practice combat while airborne.


Realm vs Realm

Ascension introduces a new race called the Athan, the back story says that they are the immortals trying to stop the humans on their path to immortality. This changes the way PvP works in the game, Human players can still fight against the other schools of magic, but they can best unite as one realm and fight against the Athans. There is also the introduction of several zones where realm vs realm is now enabled. These zones exist in both PvE and PvE servers.


Arden Race

Arden Race in Ascension



Ascension is a chance to become stronger in the world of the immortals, players can Ascend at level 135 or at level 150 back to level 15 with better stats. Kinda like the rebirth system you see in many other MMORPG’s at the market. Back at level 15 you will start with better stats and you will also have access to new skills, there are four new trees of skills for those who ascend beyond immortality. As of now players can only Ascend once but this might change in the future.


New pets, new transformations!

With the release of Ascension there are also several new pets and transformations to be found as well as new espers for the Athan race, these espers can still allow you to use the “in-game bot”  invigorate, good for those who plan to use that is that pets are now compatible with doing this as well. Pets can be auto-healed with potions, the same goes for you. The new pet’s and transformations look great, be sure to check out the screenshots! Transformations also give you a stat boost and give you other abilities as well.


Ascension Balo Race

What the Balo Race Looks Like


New area’s

Ascension introduces two new area’s, first one is the new starter area for the Athan race, a temple town within a jungle and nearby a perfect flower field. The second area is a high level realm vs realm area with a beautiful temple. These two new area’s make the world of Jade dynasty even bigger and believe me, the game has a big world.



Personal opinion

I think that Ascension brings a wealth of new content to the already big Jade Dynasty, the game is fun but there is a big grind, however with the “ingame bot” you can lessen the extend of the grind a bit. The bot isn’t advanced but it helps to kill the grind. From what I have seen the Athan race has a completely different style, and the new starting area seems to be of a completely different style. The new pets and transformations look great and the Ascend system is a welcome addition. Make sure to check out Jade Dynasty Ascension!


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