JetX’s PC Space Edition Releases Today

A special PC version of JetX releases today, JetX Space Edition, and is available with a 20% discount for the week after release. JetX Space Edition has all of the VR version’s content, as well as the grand update that VR users get today as well. This update gives a free-for-all mode which is a playground for players to dive into. This mode can be joined and left at any time. Ghost Racing was also added, which is a party race for local/online games. It lets people race against a ghost, so that should be very interesting. Also, only today, JetX Space Edition and JetX VR Edition are on sale for 50% off.


  • Hair raising PvP-battles
  • Advanced battle system
  • A large number of arenas and tracks
  • Intelligent bots designed to challenge and push you to your limits. Our bots are not to be underestimated!
  • Multiple weapons and power-ups: master your playstyle!
  • Various game modes such as Race, Arena, Boss Battle, Energy Core, and more to come!
  • Live leaderboard: Veni, vidi, vici!
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