Khan Wars Review: Super Strategic

By Rick Charbs (Jammart), Onrpg writer


Khan Wars is a browser based strategy game developed by XS Software. Recently upgraded to Khan Wars 2.0, many updates have been added to the game, as well as a general revamp of the overall gameplay (which can all be viewed in the help section on their website). Heavily based on medieval history with elements of fantasy, this MMO attracts many. It introduces the Middle Ages of Europe setting, where you may choose from one of nine nations to build up in order to lead them to victory. The nine nations are as follows: the Bulgarians, the Franks, the Germans, the Goths, the Byzantine, the Brittan, the Arabs, the Lithuanians, and the Russians. Each nation has its own infantry, buildings, and offer different gameplay experiences to a certain extent. The variety is a huge plus for a strategy game with so many players playing simultaneously (you’ll end up having to surpass thousands if you dedicate yourself to this game!).

You begin playing the game by creating a hero (registering) and then choosing a race from one of the nine nations. You are then transported to your kingdom, and you are prompted to create a few buildings to aid you in collecting resources. You will have to wait a while for your building queue to finish until you are able to build more things, this also applies to combat. This tactical gameplay is basically the jist of the game, though you will always bump in to larger and more complex challenges the more you play.

The hero aspect of the game allows you to customize your avatar and build up his skills with skill points you receive based on your experience in game. This allows you to build up an even stronger army and defeat your opponents much more easily, but beware of their own hero!

Khan Wars is also a comprehensive social unit. With a friends list, many statistics, guilds, and more, this strategy game really relies on player cooperation. These features will also often relieve you of boredom whilst waiting for your in game quests to end (its like one huge chat room)!

Graphics and Sound

With a strictly 2D atmosphere, I have to admit Khan Wars did a great job. The concept art is very appropriate, and the user interface is very simple and very smoothly done. There are no sounds as far as I’ve experienced, though, but that can easily be replaced by your own media library any day.

Personal Recommendation

Firstly, if you do not enjoy strategy/tactical games, do not even think of playing this game—it will bore you silly. However, if you are somewhat interested in this type of MMO, it is a great one to try. The concept is simple with loads of hours of gameplay, and the game was done right. There are hundreds of new players every day, so be sure to join forces with others to spice things up! One major downfall I discovered was their VIP status, though, as you have to pay to have a certain advantage over others. On the other hand, they did not overdo it and everyone is given VIP status for their first few days in the game to try it out. Nonetheless, even if strategy games highly bore me, I was really impressed with this browser based game. Happy Gaming!


– Browser based

– Simple and entertaining

– Great concept art and user interface


– Vip status

– Not much content

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