Kuso Party Interview: All About Fun and Competition

Kuso Party Interview: All About Fun and Competition
Questions by Bryan (Bryan), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by [GM]Poptart


Kuso Party is a free to play casual game being published by SubaGames and the Community is its greatest feature! Players are able to communicate with each other, visit their creatively designed homes, and take their relationship to another level. Kuso Party is a fun and easy game for all levels of gamers to enjoy. Today, I had the chance to ask [GM]Poptart about where SubaGames plans to take Kuso Party. 


OnRPG: Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers, please? 
Poptart: My name is [GM]Poptart and I am the current lead Game Master for Kuso Party.


OnRPG: Is there a story that users should be aware of for the game? 
Poptart: The story line is aimed to be wild and cute. Kuso Party is an underground organization that is training to take over the universe. Trainees are to hone their skills on mindboggling exercises and challenges.  Within Kuso Party, each trainee is challenged on their logic, memory and reaction. The trainee’s Kuso index will determine the individual’s worthiness to Kuso Party’s grand plan of taking over the universe. 


Kuso Party Game Play

Kuso Party gameplay


OnRPG: What characters are available for users? Do these characters differ in abilities and looks? 
Poptart: Every member creates their own unique character and can completely customize the character as they see fit.  Every character starts off the game with the same abilities.


OnRPG: What interesting features are players able to experience that differ from other games? 
Poptart: Kuso Party is a group activity game where members are able to compete, challenge and team up with others to test their skills in various games with a twist! Members are able to use unique items to disrupt member’s concentration or give themselves or their teammates boosts. In addition, players are encouraged to share their favorite photos and videos through in-game photo albums and television set. 


OnRPG: How will players be able to socialize in the game? 
Poptart: Members are able to chat with each other through game rooms, chat rooms, during games, in the main game lobby, in-game Email and through a Private messaging system. Kuso Party also gives players the options of differentiating their friends.  They can be classified as friends, sweeties and lovers.  A group of friends can even create their own family in the game!


OnRPG: In a world of flashy MMOs with intricate gameplay systems, flashy graphics, and well-established gaming communities, how will Kuso Party be able to compete? 
Poptart: It would be a lie to say that Kuso Party can compete graphically with some of the bigger titles.  Kuso Party is more about having fun with friends and others with easy to play games that can get quite competitive!


OnRPG: What age audience do you guys plan to focus on? 
Poptart: The great thing about Kuso Party is that it is for all ages.  It’s so easy to learn and pick up, everyone can play!



Fun Kuso Party Play

Fun with Kuso Party


OnRPG: What’s the difference between someone who spends money in the cash shop and someone who doesn’t? 
Poptart: There are number of perks for the players that spend money, but nothing that would put them way above the rest. The great thing about our community is that there will be tons of exciting events and contests that will allow everyone a chance at winning  free items.  .


OnRPG: How hard was it to import and edit Kuso Party from its foreign counterparts? 
Poptart: As with all foreign games, there are always some difficulties.  But our great staff and Beta testers made the transition seamless.  Shout out to all the Suba Beta Testers! – Thanks for all the help!


OnRPG: Do you think western gamers will embrace the game? 
Poptart: Just by looking at the title or even some screen shots, I feel us Westerners might shy away from giving this game a chance. I am positive that if they were to sit down and give it a honest go, their opinion on the game would definitely change.


Play Music Kuso Party

Playing Kuso Party


OnRPG: What gameplay elements will be used to further enhance user experience? Will there be different types of modes and mini games? 
Poptart: Currently we have over 50 games that are available and we will be slowly adding more and more games after the commercial launch/ There are already a number of games that have been finalized as well as new games being developed as we speak.


OnRPG: What types of graphics are used in the game? Is there anything special about the art style? 
Poptart: All graphics and art styles are anime based designs. Cute, hilarious, odd and original are the words best to describe it. 


OnRPG: What type of events will be available in-game? 
Poptart: There are so many mini games available that the list is endless! Just to give you an idea there are single game contests, family game contests, couples contests and even interior designer contests are just some of the events that will be taking place in-game.


OnRPG: When will players be able to see the full release  of Kuso Party? 
Poptart:  Kuso Party is set to release in early March.   Stay tuned!


OnRPG: Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Poptart: SUBAGAMES.COM! (lol)


OnRPG: Thank you so much for your time! 

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