La Tale Interview – The Newest Generation of 2D Games

Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by La Tale Community Manager

La Tale is an amazing game, hosted by OGPlanet. The game offers us many unique features and great graphics for timeless action and fun! Ogplanet has managed it to update the game frequently and La Tale is still one of the most populated free MMORPGs.

I’ve always admired the game and I was curious how OGplanet had managed it to create such a huge population, so we of OnRPG decided to interview the Community Manager of OGPlanet.

Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, please?
Hi, I’m the Community Manager here at OGPlanet for La Tale. I’m an avid gamer and MMO lover.

Where does the name “La Tale”, which means The Tale, come from? Why is the game called La Tale?
As you said in your question it means The Tale. Which tale though? Well that’s easy… yours! There are a ton of stories being told in the game world but the most fun and epic tale of them all is your own that you make yourself and with your friends. And, since it is an MMO, there are always a plethora of tales being told all at the same time.

Tales of Bears

The game gets frequently updated. Do you think you will manage to do that forever?
For as long as we can!  We want to keep up this trend. Players can eat through content quickly so we strive to always have something new for them.

What differs La Tale from other sidescrollers?
La Tale draws a lot of inspiration from mythology and world cultures. So the world itself is a very eclectic blend of these stories and tales. Each region is unique in its look and feel. To top it off player characters are extremely customizable. You want to be a zombie ninja? You can do it! Want to be a fairy princess with butterfly wings and ride a magic broom? You can do it! There is a staggering amount of customization that a player can do to their character. Not just for the way they look either. There is also a ton of different emotes that a character can use to really express their mood and how they feel.

We also have a very fun and easy to get into PVP system complete with rankings and PVP gear to purchase with your points acquired through fighting. Everything from 1 on 1 duels to 4 on 4 brawls.

Onrpg: Marriage has finally been released!  How can players marry? Is there any fee?
Players can get married after dating for a while. You ask the person out and if they accept you will then be a couple. Once you, as a couple, have enough Love Points saved up you can purchase a Wedding Ring and propose. After proposing the happy couple can send out an affectionate note similar to vows that the entire server will see. The Bride and Groom need to be wearing special wedding fashion for the priest to start the ceremony. Once they are in the proper attire a fun-filled wedding takes place.

What is the Affection System exactly?
The Affection System is used to determine how strong your relationship is to your partner or spouse. This bond is shown in Love Points. Married couples can spend their Love Points to get special couple only skills like summoning your partner or healing your party. It is also used to determine if you can propose and get married.

La Tale offers us tons of instanced dungeons. What is your favorite?
A lot of the dungeons are very cool but currently I am partial to the dungeons on Toad Island. They are a series of dungeons that are filled with riddles and puzzles to solve ending in a climactic battle with the sinister Tyrant Toad. The boss battle itself is lots of fun and the Toad has some very fun and cheeky dialogue.

Onrpg: Many players are complaining about a low experience rate. What would you like to say to them?  Will there be an experience increase?
This issue has been brought up many, many times. The truth is the XP rate in La Tale is actually on the high side compared to other regional versions.

Onrpg: Why can’t you use the nickname of a deleted character?
Database issues occur when this would be realized.

Under Water in La Tale

La Tale has a huge amount of pets, but there is a lack of free pets. Why are there not more free pets for players who cannot afford them?
A pet can make playing La Tale a more fun and enjoyable experience. With most pets, players can gain the ability “Autoloot” as well as other unique abilities each individual pet comes with. Pets are certainly helpful while playing but they are not required in order to enjoy La Tale.

Onrpg: Is the game not a little bit cash shop dependant in your opinion?
There is nothing in the Fashion Shop that a player is required to buy to be able to progress through the game and have fun. If they want to do it with a bit more style or in a cute dress then they can. Armor, weapons, and healing items are all available in-game without spending a cent. Most of the best items are created by the players themselves through the Crafting system or found on monsters.

You can gain unique items by digging. Could you describe this feature for us?
Yeah, digging can be pretty fun. There isn’t really much to it. If you feel like digging, then go for it. You never know what you might find!

Onrpg: What can you tell us about the recent events of La Tale?
One of our more popular events we’ve been running recently is our Dungeon Guide Contest. Players submit their strategies and walkthroughs pertaining to a certain one of La Tale’s dungeons and the staff here at OGPlanet will go through and pick out a winner. There have been some really fantastic entries. A lot of our players are very creative. We will be putting all the winning entries into a special guide section on the website so stay tuned for that.

Players love our caption contests and really like showing off their unique style in our screenshot contests that we have.  And while the video contests might not have as many entries as other events the videos our players create are very unique and imaginative. We also do a lot of seasonal events around holidays and are always looking at new ways to have players enjoy their favorite holidays in-game.

The team here at OGPlanet is always coming up with new ways that we can get our players more involved in the game and we’re always striving to come up with new and innovative events.

Is there anything you would like to see in La Tale?
Personally, I think La Tale has some really great artists working on it. So I always look forward to seeing what they’ve cooked up in terms of armor, monster, fashion and weapon designs. So it is always a treat to see new content. So to more specifically answer the question I’d have to say more of the same great creative and unique designs added into the game.

Artistic Toys Design

Could you tell us more about the upcoming updates of La Tale?
We’ve been tinkering with a few things here that we would love to get into the game. But at this time I can’t tell you what! So you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Can we expect any new titles from OGplanet this year? Could you tell us a bit about them without giving too much away?
Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say. However stay tuned to for all the latest news and info! 

Would you like to add something to the interview?
We have exciting things planned for the game this summer which makes it an excellent time to adventure, make new friends, and tell your tale. So we invite everyone to come check it out!

Thank you for your time!

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