Legend of Edda Tour – Greek Mythology Never Looked so Adorable!

Legend of Edda Tour – Greek Mythology Never Looked so Adorable!
By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist
Tour guide: Henry Law (1eleven1), Producer for Legend of Edda


GameCampus’ latest title is putting a new spin on Greek Mythology with cute and adorable action. Legend of Edda (LOE) is an MMORPG centered on the Greek Mythology pertaining to the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. Players will chose to join either the Gods or the Titans and engage in small scale story quests that shed light on the conflict, or participate in huge wars for treasure and supremacy.


Tour start

When I first logged on, I was given three different characters at my disposal: A swordsman, an assassin and a wizard. Just looking at these characters made me D’AWWW just a bit, despite two of them being armed to the teeth (literally!) with equipment. With these kinds of games, I typically go with playing as the first character I see, so I picked the knight.


Legend of Edda


I was dumped into the starting town of Gaiyan after selecting my character and took the time to obverse the place as I waited for the GameCampus staff to show up. I noticed that LOE’s game world was permanently set in an isometric position and the game’s camera can only be zoomed in and out. The isometric game world mixed with the chibi character models reminded me a lot Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo DS.


After my little stroll through the town, I was greeted by Henry Law (1eleven1), producer for LOE. He gave me a little insight on what makes LOE so special: While the game contains content and game modes that would be found in any typical MMO, such as dueling, guild battles and such, modes such as sacred treasure wars are completely unique to LOE and will have you hooked after your first battle.


While the game has a heavy focus on PvP content, the PvE content will also provide an enjoyable experience. Curious on how well the PvE aspect would hold up, we decided to do a quick dungeon run. In Gaiyan town, there was an angelic warrior statue available that allowed us to warp to a dungeon zone nice and easy. The dungeon had a simple objective of simply defeating the boss as fast as possible while destroying any enemies that got in the way. When we first got in, I wanted 1eleven1 to lead, but that was kind of silly for me to ask since I was the tank and he was the healer…


Anyway: We had to do battle with some nasty toad warriors, toad archers and even a toad samurai!


Legend of Edda


1eleven1 mostly stood in the back and to the left, healing me when I was in need and so I returned the favor by provoking any enemies that got near him. After all the side enemies were taken care of, it was time to take on the King of Toads: Tsathoggua! (Tentative name, of course.) The boss was pretty tough, but it was no match for me and my skills (and by skills, I mean my amazing attack spamming and potion guzzling!) After we defeated the big boss toad, we were graded on our performance in the dungeon and earn a B rank with ease.


Legend of Edda
Boss battle


It wasn’t quite time for the next PvP event to begin, so after completing the dungeon,  we decided to head back in for another one. Only this time, another player joined in on our party: Shogun4, a knight player who is a part of the GameCampus staff and is a part of the LOE localization team.  Running through the second dungeon was also filled with evil toads all over the place. Still, it was a total breeze for us.


While the PvE dungeons were pretty enjoyable, it was now time for the main event: The Sacred Treasure war. On the top right hand corner of the screen, right next to the mini-map, there’s a special button you can press that shows you when and where sacred treasure wars are happening. Me and 1eleven1 jumped into an active war that was already filled with a moderate amount of players. The objective of sacred treasure wars was to capture crystal points all over the map. These matches can last from 5 to 30 minutes depending on how well each team plays out.


Throwing caution to the wind, I ran out just to see how many players I could take down. Like I mentioned before, my knight character was pretty decked out to take damage like nobody’s business, so I was able to defeat at least ten dudes before having my HP lowered below 10%. Before that moment, players from my faction rushed in, healed me back up, and gave me a physical barrier buff, so I was all like “IT’S ON NOW, FOOLS!” and I ran back in and took down another ten players afterwards.


I was feeling pretty invincible for that moment, but I would quickly learn my place when they summed some mystic guardian on my behind. That thing took me down with only a few swings!


Legend of Edda


After my death, I respawned back in and went around assisting other players. Several minutes into the war, it ended with my faction, the Titans, winning by a huge margin (although, my faction was largely stacked and outnumbered the Gods easily.) Of course, everyone else in the faction did the real work with capturing crystals. As for me, I just wanted to kill some dudes. The entire war was on a pretty moderate scale, so I can only imagine how hectic battles will get with tons of players participating.


Tour conclusion

So the tour ended with me feeling pretty good about the whole concept LOE has going for it. While it takes Greek mythology in a direction that no one would ever think about taking it, the visuals and PvP is definitely something to get hyped about if you’re a diehard MMO PvP’er that happens to like cute stuff.


Check out the Legend of Edda closed beta over at http://legendofedda.gamescampus.com/ 

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