Legend of Edda Vengeance – First Impressions

Legend of Edda Vengeance – First Impressions

By MerryQuiteContrary



Legend of Edda Vengeance entered another round of closed beta this past weekend and I had the opportunity to join in and give the “Best Cute MMORPG” a try.  Legend of Edda Vengeance is from GameCampus and offers PvP, PvE with “hundreds of quests”, dungeons, mounts, achievements, pets, crafting and character customisation.



Initially there are three classes to choose from: fighter, rogue and mage. Eventually, these will evolve into one of six distinct classes. There are two factions vying for power: the Olympians and the Titans. There aren’t any difference between the two factions as far as appearance goes. The Titans are clearly meant to be the “evil” faction with their leader having little pointy teeth.



Character customisation at creation is limited to the usual suspects such as hair style, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour and gender. There are no in-depth sliders or the like. There is at least one misspelled word in character creation, which will no doubt be caught before launch.



The first thing anyone will notice is the saccharin sweet cuteness of the PCs, NPCs, mounts, mobs and pets. This is definitely meant for those that appreciate this visual style. For others it may be off-putting.  It certainly isn’t to my taste. There were far too many pink unicorns and players dressed as kittens for me to take it too seriously. 



However, the combat isn’t half bad. It is very much your standard MMO fare. What I did notice though was that the hotbar spells were not very responsive to either clicking or key presses. Overall, combat is better than a lot of f2p games out there. Movement is WASD or click to move. Looting is bound to the Q key making it convenient. Interacting with NPCs is suggested to be done with the spacebar, which takes getting used to but clicking seems to work as well for the more traditional MMO feel.



It isn’t immediately evident how to pick up a quest from the tutorial. The tutorial explains the procedure but doesn’t mention you have to, often times, scroll down to accept. I found there were far too many key presses for picking up just one quest.  The quests themselves are what you’d find in most MMOs and include kill x amount of y or talk to so and so. There is voice acting from the NPCs but not all of it is in English. No doubt this will change as it is still in closed beta.



What is going to make this game appealing to a certain market is all the stuff that can be acquired from mounts, costumes, hair styles, and pets. For those that enjoy collecting in game items and love the cutesy, then this game just might be the thing they are looking for.

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