Legend of Mir


This game decent graphics, it looks nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. Also each area feel like its rehatched of different areas and isn’t fun to explore.



This is whats really lacking in this game. Combat is slow, and it doesnt have any damage numbers showing up, or the enemies max life, so you end up just standing there fighting things untill they die. And combat isnt even exciting, choose a monster and it attacks and you sit there and wait for it to die. Movement is awful, you walk slow, and run fast and running takes no stamina or anything so you can run forever so why walking was even added ill never know.



Sounds are allright nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special, actually they are so boring i dont even notice if it had sounds or not at!



This game is moderately fun at first, but after awhile it just gets boring. I would not recommend this game to anyone. It’s just not fun.


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