Life is Feudal: MMO Rewards Players with More than $2M USD Worth of In-Game Currency

LIfe is Feudal God's Favor Given Out

A monumental occasion has happened with this global patch for Life is Feudal: MMO, and to thank the players that have been around since the start, over $2,000,000 USD in “God’s Favor” currency has been given out. This update includes inter-zone travel, trade, PVP arenas, domain-specific deities (who also demand sacrifices), trading outposts and more. If that’s not enough, players will even be able to become a Pope, which is the official vicar of one of the twelve gods.

Features in This Update:

PvP Battles – Jump into the Arena: The Arena is made for ranked, hardcore PvP skirmishes and supports up to 20 foot-warriors. Mounts are prohibited. Every round lasts 12 minutes and every player has unlimited resurrection with no skill loss. Equipment durability consumption is slower than in the main world.

Outposts: Gather resources faster with our new outpost feature! Devote yourself to more important tasks by building any of the outpost types wherever you see fit. Also, Red Worlds have two additional outpost types to produce unique resources: slaves and Barmosag.

Outposts can become an integral part of war; engage in small-scale open world PvP raids to decimate those who stand in your way by attacking their resources; claim outposts from other players and guilds or kill their slaves to ruin their economy!

Slaves: No need to waste your time gathering resources by hand — save your time and energy by taking advantage of the new slave mechanic. Players can place up to four slaves per outpost, each additional slave speeds up productivity and earns you even more production.

There are a few of ways one can get slaves in Life is Feudal: you can acquire them by controlling the slave outpost in a Red World, buy from other players, or, through a feature exclusive to Red Worlds…enslave knocked out players! Now you can make the most of your conquered foes!


  • Heraldry on the map (Political map);
  • All known server border crossing bugs fixed;
  • Closed all known cheat console commands and scripts;
  • One window for all PvP events;
  • Completely new music soundtrack;
  • Reworked sound system;
  • Stamina bugs eliminated;
  • and more…
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