Little Savages II Review: Go my little Purties

Little Savages II Review: Go my little Purties
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Little Savages II is a browser game that puts you in the shoes of a leader of a tribe of “savages”. These savages are like your little men and women who cause disorder and mayhem on the island that they live on.


Text, text and more texts

Little Savages II has a very sparse interface. Almost 70% of the game makes you stare at the blindingly white background the game has, and the majority of the things you do in-game rely on the text that you see onscreen.


I would even say that the game is text-heavy. That’s just how bare the game looks. However the bareness of the interface is supported by the gameplay itself.


Personally, I liked how the developer has streamlined the whole game interface and kept to the core of the game. Sure, seeing all those white areas in your browser could literally bring you to tears because it really stings the eyes, however, with the game’s overall concept you won’t really have to stare at the screen hours on end, which is in itself a plus for the game.



The overall point of the game is to earn points via your savages. Your savages take certain actions per game-time day, which is measured every thirty minutes. Whenever a game-time day ends, there is a summary of whatever it is your savage did and each action corresponds to a point that gets totaled.


Little Savages II’s gameplay is very simple and it doesn’t even take you three minutes to figure it out. Almost everything is automated so you don’t have to spend too much time playing the game.


With this kind of gameplay, Little Savages II is one browser game that you shouldn’t be wasting too much time playing. That is why it is very much suited to people who want to play a browser game without being too obvious about it.


Run little savages run!

As the leader of the tribe, you have the power to create an unlimited number of savages. You have the choice of which attributes your Savage gets, its gender and its specialty. In turn, the game system then randomly creates a savage that has the stats setup corresponding to the preferences you have chosen.


The stats of your savage are described by words and the text color instead of numbers. This makes the game quite a chore if you are a person prefers seeing numbers instead of words. Also, the stat generator in Little Savages II is so random that sometimes even the areas which you have chosen as your characters special stat sometimes turns out worse than the ones you haven’t chosen.


I personally think that the randomness is good because it adds a level of surprise for as you play the game. However, there are times where I find it downright irritating because the savage I expect to come out did not quite meet my expectations.


Though if you look at it differently, the randomness of the savages you create is in fact the games endearing quality. It gives a little sense of adventure because you don’t really know exactly what you get till you have it.


Get a move on

One of the best things in terms of playing Little Savages II is that your savages need little to no maintenance. After creating your savage you can either quip your savage or just leave them naked and have them make do with whatever they have on hand.

Of course in terms of taking care of your savages there could be an instance where they would be facing an opposition much more lethal than they are. This is where another game feature comes in. Your savages can die. Though this really doesn’t affect much in your overall game experience except losing a “pawn” the game has a savage graveyard where you can see the names of your fallen savages.


To be quite honest this is one of the game systems that I really liked in Little Savages II. Call me morbid and all but what I liked about the death system is that it makes you double take on your decisions concerning your savages.


Though the randomness can really quite dampen your mood for preparing your savages there are moments when you get a savage that you consider your favorite. The idea that they can die makes you do more for your “favorite” savage hereby making you quite hooked to the game.


The idea that your Savages may die adds the element of emotional attachment into the game. Though it may really sound quite geeky, it really does happen whether we admit it or not.


Items Galore

Little Savages II has one of the craziest item databases I’ve ever seen in a browser game. You have a mix of items that have no logical use like the Xbox 360 to the most common necessities like food.


Though they may seem totally useless that’s the only thing that you can provide for your savages in their life in the wild. However the catch is that regardless of how equipped your characters may be, the sheer randomness of the whole game really eliminates the sense of wasting your money on your savages. The thing is, it also goes the other way, it may be that the equipment your character has may spell life or death.


Deciding which savage gets the equipment is the games version of strategic planning. It might seem really pointless due to the hanging idea that your savage can be dead after a day has passed, there are moments that you have to pat yourself that you used your money correctly and you get your savage home safe and sound.



Right from the get go, Little Savages II is a browser game that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Aside from the lack of any other power for you except savage creation and equipping the only thing you can do from your end is watch.


The hanging randomness of the game is its weakness as well as its strongest feature and this can be the determining factor for most players who spend their time in the game. If you like your browser games random and almost no maintenance then this game is for you but if you do want something a little more controlled I’d suggest you look for something else.


– Interface is clean and simple
– You can understand the gameplay from the get go
– Little to no maintenance at all.


– The game is too random
– There is almost nothing to do except create equip and let loose your savages
– The white background and the text hurts the eyes.

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