Lord of Ages: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Lord of Ages: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist




The first step in your journey through the Lord of Ages is creating your Lord. There are some minor things you are able to choose from such as your name, the gender plus a suitable image for your Lord and the nation you will start in. Currently there are seven nations that you can choose to start in and I chose to start off in Thuringia. When you finally get into your first town you will get a small tutorial that will teach you the basic stuff such as building the necessary buildings and gaining a small army to venture off with in the wilds. You will notice the environment has some moving objects such as clouds drifting by, peasants toiling, and some guards patrolling around. In the world view you will also notice your neighbors and nearby resources. Often one stands in the way of the other if you know what I mean.



The fastest route to world domination is to speed through the basic quests given at the beginning of the game. These quests will give you the resources to freely construct buildings vital in expanding your empire. These quests will also give you additional rewards in form of food, lumber, iron, stone and some coins. If you simply need one of the above resources you can also buy them with G-Cash which is the real money currency that is currently in existence in Lord of Ages.



Alliances are basically guilds in Lord of Ages; you can join an alliance once you build a level 1 Embassy. If you grow tired of taking orders from others, you can attempt to forge your own legacy by upgrading your Embassy to level 3 and forming your own alliance.. In the Alliance you can let friends and other Lords join your group so you can help each other out and unite against your enemies.



Hunting Dragon Treasures is a really fun feature and where I choose to spend the majority of my time after building a small army. This involves exploring the world map until you come across a dragon’s lair. It will cost you a few coins to explore the lair but if successful, you always get something useful out of it so the money is not wasted. The majority of my attempts resulted in the lair awarding me 600 food which is a vital resource for building your empire up in the early stages of the game.




Are you a really big fan of the medieval setting and do you like dragons and dungeons? Lord of Ages provides this all and it’s a really fun simple browser game to pick up. The UI is easy to learn, mainly because it’s modeled after the Age of Empire series. If you’re an empire building addict or just fond of time wasting browser games, Lord of Ages is definitely worth looking into.

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