Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Interview: Keeping things Luminous

Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Interview: Keeping things Luminous
Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Dennis: Lumanog


Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu is a game that has successfully mixed economics and RPG gaming in one stellar MMORPG. We’ve been given a chance to talk to the people behind the game and get the latest scoop on what’s happening inside the world of Luminary!


OnRPG: Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu has been operating for some time now, how is the game faring?
Dennis: Luminary: Rise of GoonZu is doing its best to serve its fans and players. As we continuously support them in through our Customer Support we found many loyal players in different parts of the world.


Luminary Rise 


OnRPG: It’s already halfway through 2010, what were the biggest challenges you faced in the game? How did you guys handle it?
Dennis: Biggest challenge we encountered so far was controlling player’s emotional side towards the game since I can say that we have many political players inside our game, they do some real life tactics just to challenge their opponents. Though we inform them as always where our side and player’s side should be, we just let them enjoy the game and have some fun.


OnRPG: Luminary has successfully infused economics and  MMORPG game play,  those don’t usually jive together, how do you guys keep your players interested in playing the game?
Dennis: Basically, the feature of our game makes them interested. One of the features is about choosing a GoonZu (president or Ruler of the whole server) in which players decide through voting system. Chosen leader can influence the market (buy and Sell) of some basic item needs in which everybody wants in their daily playing.


OnRPG: How did you guys build-up the economic system you have in Luminary? Where did you base your economic system?
Dennis:  The economy system on the game is very unique since it was based on democratic ideology in which differentiate it from other games because besides the GoonZu who acts as leader of the server we have individual Town Leaders who actually commands and leads the each town on how to progress, so it’s like a real democratic politics in-game, and only Luminary Caters such system.


OnRPG: Luminary is an MMORPG that has masterfully mixed economics into an RPG game. The question is, can players survive on being just a merchant without regard to grinding and questing in the game? Why or why not?
Dennis: Actually, it’s economics and politics into an RPG game. Questing and grinding is common in almost all RPG games I can say that players can survive in being just a merchant through buying and selling items. They have to have Gcoins though, or some in-game politician might help them as well and be a part of their group as merchant if they want to play without doing any quest and grind.


OnRPG:  What can you say is the game’s advantage over other MMORPGs that are out in the market right now? Why do you say so?
Dennis: In 2D level MMO games, Luminary: Rise of GoonZu got almost all the features a player could look for. From the common favorite part PVP, Guild vs Guild, Quests, Hunting and Manufacturing to Real time Election(leading whole Server)appointing GoonZu (leader), assigning Ministers, police and guardians, Guardian Spirits (calling powerful spirits), Wedding, Family, Pet, Summons, farming, mining, fishing,  Town Chief management, Quiz contest,  and Mentoring in which High level Players helps new players as part of their duty.


Luminary SHop


OnRPG: What do you think is Luminary’s bread and butter as an MMORPG? Why do you think so?
Dennis: The basic and very unique feature GoonZu Election (Politics) is one of the fundamental features of the game. It builds social interaction with political touch in which they do in-game and in real time campaign. Having party list and implementing democratic enjoyment as part of their propaganda in their own style. The drama of every election is one of the warmest, most intense and yet enjoyable part of this feature. It runs 5 days for campaigning and 5 days for voting.


OnRPG: With the game focusing on both the economic and adventuring aspects of MMORPGs can you share us some instances where players were pretty creative in maximizing the game experience?
Dennis: I can say that players here are all creative. With the tactics and styles they do just to run for election and manipulating stocks as a shareholder of a town and the competition with regards to it is one of the proof that they all interact and gain experience not only for their characters but based also in what they do.


OnRPG: What kind of event have you guys set up for Luminary players? Where do you base your events and how do you conceptualize them?
Dennis: For the 2nd to 3rd quarter of the year, we set events more on player’s choice. Since Luminary: Rise of GoonZu is more like a social game that reacts in a political and economical real like scenario in-game, suggestions of the players is our priority. Players enjoyed it before so we will give it to them now. Though limitations are hindrance to it, we see to it that they will all enjoy.


OnRPG: What exactly happens when Goonzu days occur on the three servers you have? (please elaborate on the player’s attitude during Goonzu day)
Dennis: GoonZu day is a Monthly celebration that happens every last Saturday of the month. A 300% increase in their Hunting and Manufacturing experience thus, making them busy in crafting and upgrading Items and it’s a hunting time as well. In addition to it, we always conduct hourly mini events as part of the celebration and an item giveaway. It’s their busiest day for the whole month. Also, GoonZu day can be extended another day through our voting poll. They just need to vote in our voting poll and leave it with a vote count of 2000 votes as a minimum requirement for the extended day making it GoonZu Weekend. 


Luminary Boss


OnRPG: How big is the current population of the game? Are you currently satisfied with the numbers the game population is at? Why or why not?
Dennis:  Our satisfaction depends on our players, the more they satisfy in our service and enjoy our game, the more we push through in giving them our service and support.  As for now GoonZu servers had been merged from IJJI and Aeria Games to Ndoors Interactive forming a Global service, Luminary: Rise of GoonZu.


OnRPG: How active are the players in-game? How happy are you with the game’s player activity? Why or why not?
Dennis:  From our rate, we can say that we have 98% of our players that are active in-game. With all of the features in-game, there are many things to do and get busy. In our part, as long as we see players happy in our game, we’re happier to serve them well and support them with regards to the game.


OnRPG: Are there any major game changes that are scheduled to happen anytime soon?
Dennis: Event: Going Back to GoonZu is a 5 part events that mostly favors on player’s choice.

Part 1 is for those new players and helping them level fast.

Part 2: Artisan’s month is for those players who crafts, manufacture in which they gain more experience with this event and

Part 3: Veteran’s Honor, giving old players a reward for being a veteran on this game. Part 1 and 2 are still on-going now Part 3 will be implemented this month.

For the other parts of the event, it will be announced soon. Special event like “Let’s Get Married” was done and is successful event for this month. As for now, Luminary: Rise of GoonZu is supporting the World Cup Event in which our developers implemented an event to as for cheering your chosen team.  Cheering Paper Item drops in all parts of the map that gives buffs. Collecting them having 2010pcs. can be changed as a” Golden Trophy” in which gives random items that includes many rare items. Update patches for the new rare items are on schedule and announced in our Site. More events and updates will follow.


OnRPG: What’s in store for Luminary in the succeeding weeks?
Dennis:  You can check out our Web Mall: New Items will be announced later so better check it out yourself. Join now and experience the Luminary way!

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