Luna Online Interview: The Hype Is Only Beginning

Questions by Rick Charbs (Jammart), Onrpg writer

Answered by Elliott Coward Producer – Luna Online

I’ve had the great pleasure to interview Elliot Coward, Luna Online producer at gPotato. With a distinctive curve on the social aspect of the game, Luna Online offers many features that promote community interaction: “The game is centered on player interaction. With the Date Instances, Family and Farm system, Guild alliances, battles, tournaments players have to make an effort to NOT interact, rather than the other way around with other MMO’s out there” Elliot Coward kindly informed us. With an estimated release in mid to late April, the Luna Online hype is only beginning!

Onrpg: Congratulations on the release of your forum! What promotions have you started (or plan to) on the Luna boards as of yet?

Elliot: Thank you so much, we’re really proud of our community! Well right now we’ve really got a creative, fun and energetic community. Everyone is really excited for our release and we’ve been trying to reward them for their patience. We’ve got a pretty extensive plan for the forum and the activity on there. With the Luna MVP program our contests aren’t just a “congrats, now be on your way,” it’s a visual representation of our appreciation for your creativity and helpfulness. You can check out our events sections for more info and our most current contest. There will be at least one each week!

Onrpg: What brought you to the decision of hosting a game with such a cute style?

Elliot: How can you say no to such cute little puppy dog eyes?? Haha, honestly when we first saw Luna it was starting to make really big waves in other markets. We went and met with the developers and their attitude and plans were really impressive. We instantly thought that this game has a lot of appeal and huge potential.

Onrpg: That being said, what sets Luna Online apart from other cute styled MMORPGS?

Elliot: I think the real difference between Luna and all the rest is the Social functions. The game is centered on player interaction. With the Date Instances, Family and Farm system, Guild alliances, battles, tournaments players have to make an effort to NOT interact, rather than the other way around with other MMO’s out there.

Onrpg: Could you please offer us some information on the match making system? How will it benefit players?

Elliot: Absolutely! Basically the Match Making System (MMS) is a compatibility comparison. You input a few bits of information on who you are, or who you want to be 😉 and that’s where the MMS takes over. It then compares you with every other player on the server and scores your compatibility, sex, job class, and stat build. Based on that score if you “Match” with someone over a certain range, a Special Date instance becomes available. In this date instance are special drops not available anywhere else in game and vital to become the strongest your character can be.

Onrpg: What are some of the different types of quests players can partake in?

Elliot: Well with over 40 different Jobs each with its own unique quest, every player will have a different experience. But Job quests aren’t the only quest obviously. There are quests based on the overall story arc of the game and will continue through the whole experience, as well side quests for just a short break from the drama. Also there are quests that require being an expert fisher, mining and crafting, and even some quests that require some acting skills! Also there are full story arcs just for gaining components for crafting specific gear stronger than anything else at the same level requirement. One our games goals is to not just let grinding the same 10 mobs over and over be the key to being a strong player. There are goals and things you must do beyond just ‘tab’ + ‘1’ to really excel in Luna.

Onrpg: If you were given the opportunity to change one major aspect of Luna Online, what would it be and why?

Elliot: It’s interesting you say that. One of the things we, here at gPotato, pride ourselves on is our knowledge of what our players like, and what is good for our community. Obviously the Asian Markets are much different than N American markets and we’ve really been working with our developers to make some key changes. We’re going to be reducing the XP curve after a certain point and reducing some of the more ‘hardcore’ requirements for key features of the game.

Onrpg: What is the game world like? How many regions are there to explore?

Elliot: Oh man, our world is huge! The huge maps combined with the fact you’re just this little chibi character can be overwhelming at times. A trip around the world of Luna is quiet a trip let me tell you. Right now, not including the date instance maps, we have 33 huge maps to explore. And the very convenient fact that Luna is floating continent means that new floating lands are discovered, well more bumped into, all the time! So Luna will only get bigger the longer you play.

Onrpg: How prominent is the customisation aspect of this title?

Elliot: Since Luna is so heavily focused on social interaction really requires ways for players to define themselves. With the 40+ different job choices, hundreds of unique skills, and countless gear options, you’ll be hard pressed to find players with the same looks or build anywhere.

Onrpg: How do players farm in Luna Online? What is farming all about?

Elliot: Well you can’t talk about farming without talking about the family. A family in Luna is a 5 person permanent group more important than a party, more casual than a guild. You’ve got the Ma and Pa and all the little ones, and each can be assigned rolls on the farm. Farming allows you to grow and harvest special dropped seeds in game that take time and attention. Farms, like date instances are the only way to obtain certain items used in crafting vehicles, armor, and item enhancement and upgrades. Also Families and Farms level up allowing more growing options including livestock.

Onrpg: Will Luna Online see a cash shop in the distant future? If so, what kinds of items will players be able to purchase from it?

Elliot: Yes Luna Online will have a Cash Shop. It will have a lot of standard items that you can find in other games, EXP increases, movement speed increase, protection items, as well as some of the most adorable Costumes I’ve seen in any games. They range from summer event items like Swim suits and Vacation gear to Kitty and Puppy suits. Also what we are expecting our most popular item to be, the Sage Stone. This is a stone that you apply to any functional weapon, armor or jewellery and grant that item a random bonus stat, which can range from very helpful to mediocre to let’s try that again, haha. Players can use Sage stones on the same item as much as they like so you never really know if that’s the best bonus you can get.

I’ve been testing those stones thoroughly and I’ve used them on the same item more than 600 times and have yet to have an identical stat. It’s a really fun and exciting.

Onrpg: Will players be able to purchase premium items for a distinct advantage?

Elliot: None of the items we will be having in the cash shop will be handing over a top of the line weapon or impregnable piece of armor. Everything we are planning to sell will either make things move forward faster (EXP, movement, farming time), make things less risky (crafting and upgrade protects), or just for fun (Costumes, accessories, Decorations).

Onrpg: What kinds of events and activities do you have planned for the game’s release?

Elliot: We’ve got a lot of plans in the works waiting to be finalized, I don’t want to talk up plans that may not be worked out yet, but I can tell you that we are planning a race to the Farmland that is going to have an awesome prize giveaway. The finer details are still being worked on but keep checking our forums for more info updated constantly.

Onrpg: What makes Luna Online so special for you personally?

Elliot: Oh Definitely the Social aspect of it. I’m a huge MMO fan, and lately I’ve been noticing that it’s easier to just go along a game path and never interact with other people. Sure you see people standing around or grinding also, but in Luna, working together is really the key to success. Finding people you have fun with and people you match up with to reach that next stage. It’s what I really enjoy and our company strive for in a game.

Onrpg: What is your favorite character class, and why?

Elliot: Oh man this is definitely the hardest question in the interview. When I first started playing Luna I spend more time looking at my character stats, skills and options than I did actually playing. The first 10 levels I opened the skill window at least 200 times. There are so many options none of them over or under powered. That being said I’ve always been a Tank class so I started with a fighter, and proceeded to make a character that no halfway serious PVP player would ever even consider a halfway decent build. Even though it wasn’t a great build I still had SO much fun! It’s easy to make a character your own because you don’t have to worry about not having the strongest or most logical build, every option has been thought out and leaves you still very capable of experiencing all that Luna has to offer.

Onrpg: Do you have an estimate as to when players will be able to start testing the game?

Elliot: We are planning a big announcement the end of March regarding specifics but I can definitely tell you to save mid to late April. Also gaining access will be much easier as an active community member seeing as how we have already been giving away guaranteed access to few forum members already!

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