Lunia US Review

By Jeroen, Onrpg writer

Lunia US is a very different MMORPG, because in most other MMOs you are able to walk freely around the world. But in Lunia this is very different. Lunia uses an Animatic Cinema System, which means you your player experience is closer to reading a book.

Animatic Cinema System
The game is set up on pages, which we shall call episodes. In every episode there are 10 stages or more to play. When you start a stage you first get to see a short comic. In this comic you are told in detail is happening and what you will have to do in the following stages. After this the mission starts.

In these missions you can choose to play alone or with other people playing the game. To team up, you choose to ‘wait’ before starting these missions. That way you can find more people who are on the same mission and join up with them. If you start straight away, you will go alone; nobody can join once you’ve started. At the end of every stage you need to beat a boss of varied difficulties; some are hard, some are easy. Those are the moments to team up with a party or a guild.

Levelling System
Lunia also uses a Levelling System. While you are playing through the different stages you can level pretty fast. It’s possible to reach level 20 in no time. While you are levelling, you can unlock other stages from an episode. But this game is not only about finishes the stages, there are also many quests.

These quests are to be found in the Square, a basic meeting ground for all people where you can buy new weapons, armor, potions ect. All around the square there are NPCs who will give you quests when you reach a minimal level. Next to quests you can also find secrets in different stages, which can sometimes be rather hard to find.

Player versus Play (PVP)
When you get bored with questing and finishing stages you can also battle other players in PVP. Fighting another player is a lot harder than doing the missions and you have a chance to learn to use your skills and skill-combinations and don’t forget your brains.

Lunia is Free to Play MMO with a choice to pay for special items, that can be bought with coins that need to be paid for.
What I think of this game.

Lunia is a great RPG to play. I haven’t seen any negative things, only that its mostly just one and all the same thing, do a stage finish it go after the other stage. But its just how I think it is, I prefer to play games where you can choose what you’re going to do. But for the people who are interested in the stage system, you will enjoy it.

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