Mabinogi Review: Limitless Possibilities

Rick Charbs

Mabinogi is an MMORPG with limitless possibilities… as long as you can pay for them. This innovative MMORPG was fully released by Nexon Inc. on March 27, 2008. Since its release, Mabinogi has gone through a few major updates, and is constantly being patched with scheduled maintenance periods. Recently, the Extra Generation patch had been announced. It will feature a housing system, guild robe creation, gestures, a postal system, and many other updates that revolve mostly around guilds. This game is widely popular across North America, and the population of the game grows continuously. The one downfall this game has is their item mall that will drain all of the money you have unless you are frugal. That is, if you chose to use the item mall, as you will probably want to with all of its perks. Nevertheless, Mabinogi is loaded with entertainment for all ages.

General Gameplay

Mabinogi is very well known for its wide variety of content. It is mainly recognized for its large amount of quests, skills, storylines, and items. With three mainstream Generation quests, and various: beginner quests, hunting quests, part-time jobs, party quests, skill quests, and events, there are many paths to choose from. Characters are left without any limitation of classes, because skills are obtained freely. You get to choose the skills you want, and with that, create a class of your own.

The only restrictions that you will face are your character’s race (which is only human in the NA version currently), and the amount of rebirths you can pay real money for, to obtain more skill points. Another interesting feature is that your character will advance in age (one year per week) and he or she will look taller and more built as you progress in age. Characters of higher age are stronger, although every age acquired gains you ability points (aka skill points), so starting off as a younger age is recommended for more ability points.

Aside from character aging, you can completely customize your alter-ego. For most options, you do have to pay, but even without paying real money you can look entirely unique. Most crafting skills allow you to create something that really stands out from the crowd.

Divided into four large categories, some skills you will be able to level up are: Combat, Life, Magic and Alchemy. Combat skills are weaponry skills, archery, and defensive skills. Life skills refer to crafting skills, performing skills, fishing, cooking, and the like. Lastly, Magic and Alchemy skills contain fire, ice, lighting, and healing. As you can see, judging by the amount of skills one can level up, players will most definitely each have their own way of playing this MMO. You can play as a cheerful bard, a dedicated craftsman, a wise fisherman, a humble merchant, a courageous knight, or even a legendary chef; it’s up to you! Players finishing the main story quests can also unlock other special skills.

The game has so many different play styles that the gameplay really depends on the player. You may choose to raid a dungeon with friends, or just simply gather materials for your famous shop. Whichever way you want to play, Mabinogi allows it.

Graphics and Sound

Mabinogi contains cell shaded graphics that are somewhat mediocre. They are definitely not fine point, although if you have a decent machine, they can look pretty nifty. The glow is very nice, though it may cause some lag. Otherwise, this game’s graphics are not really something to complain about. They are alright, though they may seem overshadowed by the great gameplay. The sound is also just alright. I much prefer listening to player’s compositions over the in-game music, though it is alright. I never switched to my own playlist, so I suppose the music passed my test! The sounds are alright as well, especially in the crafting and magic fields.

Personal Recommendation

Mabinogi was a very fun game to play. Most compare it to Runescape, and the reason why is pretty obvious. As there are many features in-game, you will be faced with a pretty large learning curve, though pay no mind as you will learn with the various guides and references they offer. The style is very anime-like however, so if you do not enjoy that, this is definitely not the game for you. This game is user friendly for the complex gamers and the simplistic ones, hardcore gamers, casual gamers.

You make the fun out of the game on your own. It really is a great concept. Nexon still has to master it, although I think the future is bright for this game (especially when they release a new playable race). The biggest downfall this game has is most definitely its item shop. You are almost required to pay up if you want to get strong within the game, and that is taking it a little too far. It is quite literally “hidden p2p”. If you can access the premium items, or have a lot of time on your hands, this is a great game choice for you. There are so many things to do; you will never find yourself in boredom while playing the game. The community is actually pretty great. There is the average mix of immature and mature players, but everyone seems to get along. So check it out, and happy gaming!


– Large customization

– Warm community

– Many skills

– Varied gameplay

– Unique features


– hidden p2p though item mall

– Wide learning curve

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