Mabinogi Review: MMORPG with an emphasis on RPG

By Shahrin Chowdhury (Sahat), Onrpg writer

While most MMORPGS are called RPG in name, Mabinogi is one of the few that are truly RPGs. One of the game’s many key features is the interactive storyline quest or Generation quest that follows the character throughout the game. The story affects gameplay heavily as there are many rewards to be gained when the quests are completed including but not limited to: new transformation skills, rare items, new titles, and the satisfaction of thwarting an evil Fomor god, a gigantic stone dragon, and a titanic monster among many others. The gameplay is varied and original featuring an action packed battle system with strategic elements, a wide selection of skills, and top notch customization.


The graphics of Mabinogi is not its strong point. As much as I love the game, I have to admit that the graphics are pretty mediocre. Characters and monster models have an outlined silhouette that makes it look pretty bad, but it’s even worse when the outline is taken off. The filter and bloom makes things look shiny and pretty but lags the game which is a major problem as even the tiniest bit of lag can affect gameplay enormously. Don’t let the graphics turn you off though, Mabinogi is all about gameplay.


Mabinogi is one of the most customizable games to date, everything in game can be personalized from weapons and armor to character size, height and weight. Not kidding, this game actually allows people to go on diets, to increase (or decrease) their size, height, and weight through the use of food items. Fruits and veggies will make a player lose weight, breads will increase muscle, and meat increases muscle and fat. It is extremely rare and almost near impossible to find someone looking exactly like someone else.

Weapons, armor, clothes can all be customized by color and by different upgrades to increase stats. Even certain parts such as the blade of a sword can be uniquely colored and although it is rare, black bladed swords and weapons are highly sought after. Dyes can recolor weapon hilts, clothes, and certain parts of armors to a player’s desire and npc shops alternate colors on their merchandise every midnight in game.

The actual character customization is top notch. Sporting a good amount of hair styles, eye styles, a plethora of colors, and a multitude of facial expressions, it is extremely rare to find someone with the exact same look.


Ability points or AP is required to learn skills and skills are broken down into three categories : Battle, Life, and Action skills. Battle skills are further broken down into Range, Melee, and Magic. Life skills are crafting and gathering skills while Action skills are just advanced emoticons found in many other games that allow players to wave, dance, or even draw! Action skills do not require AP to learn and the basic gestures come free while others come in subscription packages. Battle and Life skills are Ranked from F-A and then from 9-1 with F being the lowest rank and 1 being the highest.

The unique battle system in Mabinogi requires the fusion of two or more of the Battle skills to effectively combat the intelligent monster AI’s. While it may seem like a simple Rock-Paper-Scissor game at first, the entire system is much more complex. A player is required to get all basic magic bolts and it is highly recommended to also get the healing skills as well to live through dungeons and not be a hindrance to their party members regardless of whether or not they want to be a magic based character. There are no set classes and no restriction on aquiring skills, a player can be anything they want to be. Mabinogi allows true freedom in skill builds where the only thing holding people back is the amount of time and AP required.

Nearly everything in Mabinogi can be player made by Life skills if they have the right materials and a good amount of luck. Life skills provide a majority of the stats and players are encouraged to at least get one to a decent rank. While most are not heavy on the wallet, some Life skills will eat gold by the millions. That is not meant to discourage people though, as the people who invest in Life skills such as blacksmithing can be rewarded beyond measure at higher ranks where they are savagely sought after. Items created by players have increased stats and rare colors making them invaluable compared to NPC shop items.

Unique Features

As if the skill and customization was not unique enough, Mabinogi showcases many features that are rarely seen in other games such as:

– Weather system that cycles between sunshine and snow including everything in between. Weather affects life skills.
– An in game time system that includes it’s own days of the week and bonuses depending on the day.
– Interactive NPCs that have relationships with players. High NPC relationships can lead to secret shops that contain many rare items along with discounts on certain items. NPC relationship points can be earned by doing part-time jobs which are repeatable quests.
– An immersible storyline that gives majestic rewards upon completion. Storyline quests are broken done by Generations which are major updates, each Generation story builds upon the previous story.
– Music playing, a skill with which a player is able to play instruments, and composing which allows players to create their own music.
– Dynamic user created dungeons, no dungeon is ever the same.
– Aging system, player characters age one year every Saturday. They grow taller as they get older.

And many others.

Personal Opinion

Mabinogi is one of the best games I have played to date. It has pretty much everything I wanted in a game. An awesome battle system, epic storylines, and unique clothes coupled with fantastic customization, it is definitely worth a try.


– Action style battle system

– Interactive Storyline

– Superb customization

– Pretty much everything listed above.


– Rebirths : Rebirthing is a major cash shop feature which allow players to recreate their character (keeping items, pets, and everything else) and reset their level to 1 and age to 10 so they can gain more AP. It costs an approx. $10.

– Subscription packages : These are little packages that players are able to buy to increase bank space, create guilds, get a free item every day, and have instant resurrections in dungeons. But the reason it is as con is because without them, the storyline is restricted to only the first Generation. There are 3 packages that cost approx $10 each but $15 for all three.

– Pretty steep learning curve. This game is not easily picked up by the slow of minds. It is also very social and if the community does not like you, you are screwed for how long you decide to play.

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