MACs and MMORPGs: Your Choice of MMO Games

MACs and MMORPGs: Your Choice of MMO Games
By Rick Charbs (Jammart), OnRPG Journalist


Own a Mac? Look no further. Satisfy your gaming needs!


Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple co., has always had the knack for often releasing new products. His line of Apple computers may be very artistically efficient and generally more convenient than computers of the PC variety, it does lack some serious support for people who enjoy playing games. In lieu of this, people tend to stray away from purchasing a Mac in order to have a machine that supports the MMOS and other games they want to be able to keep playing.


Tired of playing The Sims? This article will present to you that Apple computers are not as game-compatibility-challenged as they are credited for. There are many alternatives to playing MMORPGS on your Mac. Here’s how!


MacBook Pro


First of all, newer Macs are essentially the only ones you will want to look at for being compatible with most games. If your Mac is Intel based (all newer [2009] Apple computer models are built this way), you have the option to dual boot Mac OSX along with a version of windows of your choice among Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Please note that you need to have your own copy of Windows in order to do this. If you choose to purchase a Mac and dual boot with Windows, you will have absolutely no compatibility issues with any game that works on PC. Some even claim that Macs run Windows more efficiently than PCs, but that remains very debatable. I personally think Windows runs just as fine on either system; you just need good specs. However, knowing that this option is not available to all Mac users, there are alternatives. Just keep in mind that you will only be able to play every game a PC can handle if you run Windows on your Mac.


For Mac users that do not wish to dual boot with Windows, you will be limited to a narrowed down list of MMOS that are originally compatible with OSX. Many websites offer lists of games that are compatible with Macs, but I have discovered a pattern that these websites usually only list the obvious pay to play games, and ignore the ton of other games out there that are a little overshadowed or simply unrecognized as an Apple compatible game.


Let’s Start with the Basics


World of Warcraft (World of Warcraft Game Profile)


Blizzard has developed a solid reputation for Mac support, as every single one of their games has been released for both Mac and pc. It is playable on a Mac using the same CD as you would to play on a pc, saving users of both systems from having to pay for two disks. World of Warcraft is no exception, and is easily the most popular MMORPG available to Mac users. It even offers special Mac options to link your game to itunes so you can listen to your own music in-game, and imovie also allows you to import recorded video files to your Mac to then further edit and publish them. With the upcoming expansion Cataclysm, a ton of more content is expected for this game, including a graphics overhaul. This game runs extremely well on computers with low specs, and thus even lower-end Macbooks can run the game at high settings. Please note that this game is P2P.


Mac Apple World of Warcraft



Warhammer Online (Warhammer Online Game Profile)

This MMORPG has recently been released to the world of Apple computers, but is currently only available to users of the North American version. The game is exactly the same as its pc counterpart; the only difference is the platform it runs on. Warhammer Online is P2P.


Mac Apple Warhammer Age of Reckoning



Dofus (Dofus Game Profile)

Dofus is a 2D isometric turn based MMORPG that supports 8 languages among a huge array of servers. It can be played with or without a monthly subscription, but those who play for free are very limited as to what they can do (but it gives you time to try out the game at your own and see if it is worth the expense). Dofus has been supporting Macs since its release, and is easily run on full specs on essentially any Apple computer.


Mac Apple Dofus



Lineage the Bloodpledge (Lineage Game Profile)

Lineage, preceding Lineage 2, is a 2D isometric MMO that takes place in the same setting as its sequel. It is extremely old (1998!) but retains a community to this day.  Keep in mind that this game is P2P, and does not really keep up with newer MMOS, though some remain attached.


Mac Apple Lineage MMO



Everquest Macintosh Edition

EQ has also been released on the Mac for ages now, and unfortunately much less up to date than the PC version (some consider this a plus). It hosts a small community, but it is reputably tightly knit. If you don’t mind outdated graphics, this old-school MMO is nothing short of awesome on a Mac.


Mac Apple EQ EverQuest



Second Life (Second Life Game Profile)

Second life is a simulation game that does not follow the traditional MMORPG model, but instead just acts as an immense 3D social networking game. There are an endless amount of things to do in this game, but grinding and levelling up is not one of them. Be weary that this game does have restricted adult areas.


Mac Apple Second Life Secondlife SL



RuneScape (RuneScape Game Profile)

The classic yet still booming browser MMORPG Runescape is playable without any downloads required, and thus a perfect candidate for a Mac MMO. Jagex have overhauled the graphics and gameplay for this game several times, and continue to update it religiously. A great casual game if you are not afraid of playing with young players… of the brat variety.


Apple Mac RuneScape RS



Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is a P2P sci-fi MMORPG, that is also quite dated, in which players control sophisticated spacecrafts in battle. It is heavily PvP based and requires no strong specs, and so it is playable on essentially any machine (including a Mac, of course)!


Apple Mac Vendetta MMO



Eve Online (Eve Online Game Profile)

Eve online is very similar to Vendetta Online, though with much more features, updates, maps, and higher res graphics. Eve Online has this ongoing reputation for having immense maps that just never end. Enjoy!


Mac Apple Eve Online Sci Fi MMO



Toontown Online (ToonTown Online Game Profile)

Toontown Online is a quirky 3D MMORPG published by Disney that caters to younger gamers. Create a cartoon character (similar to that of Mickey and the crew) and then explore, fish, cart race, play mini games, and party!


Mac Apple ToonTown Disney



zOMG! (zOMG! Game Profile)

zOMG! Is the infamous MMO subdivision of the popular networking site Gaia Online. Adventure with your Gaia avatar throughout the huge game map that is in constant development. It has a pretty in-depth storyline for a browser based MMO (it even has its own manga)!


Mac Apple zOmg Gaia MMO RPG Fan Anime



AdventureQuest Worlds (AdventureQuest Worlds Game Profile)

AQ Worlds is the MMORPG counterpart of Artix’s AdventureQuest and Dragonfable series, and the first multiplayer game they have ever created. Another wonderful casual MMO for Mac users and pc users alike; there are a ton of items, events, monsters, classes, and pretty decent customization options for your characters. To get the full experience of this game, a one-time payment is required.


Mac Apple AQWorlds AdventureQuest Worlds Artix



Heroes of Newerth (Heroes of Newerth Game Profile)

HoN is a popular online game based on Warcraft III’s DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).


Apple Mac Heroes of Newerth HON




Some other MMOs available on Apple computers that you may not be aware of:

– Ninja Trick
– Oberin
– Planeshift
– Furcadia
– Eternal Lands
– Fragmented Galaxy [beta]
– PoxNora
– Darkwind: Wars on Wheels
– Wurm Online
– World of Dragons
– Savage 2
– Puzzle Pirates
– Graal Kingdoms
– Minions of Mirth

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