Magic: the Gathering Open House

MTG Editorial 1

Magic: the Gathering can be a very daunting game to get into. Newcomers might find themselves unsure of where to start, what to do, or how to really get into the game in general. Wizards of the Coast, at specific card shops around the nation are having a Magic Open House for players who have been away and need some brushing up, newcomers who want to try the game, or want to introduce the CCG to a friend! Two days only, from September 16-17th, allcomers will receive a Welcome Deck, centered around one of the five colors, and a premium foil full-art Ixalan (the next set) uncommon! It is a great way to play in a casual, welcoming environment, and introduce someone to the fun and excitement that is Magic: the Gathering! some of these locations may also be running events for the more experienced, so if you want to find a store that’s holding an Open House, click this link!

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