Magic World Online Review

Magic World Online has some unique features and enough depth to give both veteran and new players a game that returns all that you put into it.

One idea behind MWO (Magic World Online) that I believe is the true highlight of it, is the Robot. Each character that you create has it’s own “MWO Robot”, this robot can be set to level, farm, gather tradeskills, or anything else you could imagine. MWO is a game that fits all lifestyles by letting you "grind" while at work or sleeping. Multi-clienting is also allowed so that you could have a healer for your warrior or an archer that assists your summoner, you can do a limitless amount of things with it.

There are 4 Basic Classes that all have “Class Trees”. You can choose to play an Archer, Warrior, Summoner, or Mage. Each of those 4 Classes can branch into 4 different classes, giving you a total of 16 classes. Your skills level up with your character, and spell books will unlock them.

MWO features Mounts which will have random bonus attributes so you can keep raising/hatching them until you get that special one that you want to bring into adulthood. Mounts can gain special abilities and each has Hidden Attributes that can be unlocked as well.

The items of MWO are also limitless, with random attributes assigned to magic items, weapons that grow with your character, legend armor that can be upgraded and that give set bonuses.

There are many other features such as State Wars, Guild Castles, a deep crafting/farming system, dungeon bosses, special instances, auction house and much more.

The Cons to MWOnline are the graphics, while they don’t hinder gameplay in any way, they are 2D and unrefined. Bugs being still worked due to Closed Beta phase. Movement animations are a bit choppy.

MWO is in it’s Closed Beta 2 phase currently, BUT, there will be no more server wipes as advertised, so you will not lose your characters like in most CB’s for MMORPGs. MWO is free to play for life and also free to download. There are still some bugs that are being quickly diffused by an active GM staff.

All in all, MWO is a game with great potential. With features that no other game offers and it’s commitment to the player, this game is highly recommended to any new or veteran players of this genre.

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