Mana Energy Potion Product Review

By Roxane, Onrpg Senior Editor
As a gamer and somewhat of a geek I was tickled pink when I discovered a company called “Mana Energy Potion”. After the link was sent to me by a good friend, an avid D&D player and LARPer (live-action role-player), I marveled at a website in full fantasy design which offered real potions; energy drinks shaped like the famous mana and health potions we know from adventure games of all shapes and sizes.
Naturally we at Onrpg had to order some to try them out, so we ordered some Health Potions. Clearly it is an energy drink, it would have to be, being a potion. The composition of the potion is comparable to highly caffeinated energy drinks. Something that will really make you bounce. I’m already thinking of ‘keeping it until I need it most’.

The Nature of Potions

It’s almost a law of nature (or maybe more of code) that gamers must be intrigued by a drink like this. Potions are one of the fundamental elements of games since some of the earliest (the Ultima Series from the 1980s, or The Legend of Zelda released in 1987). Some games even had potions that could kill you (Prince of Persia, 1990). In these games, the potions would randomly lie around and they would supplement your existing count of HP or MP (health or mana points). Because of potions, we associate red with ‘health’ and blue with ‘mana’.

Health Energy Potion

Health Energy Potion

In the later MMOs they could even be crafted so you would no-longer depend on adventuring to acquire the potions, but you could choose to be a mage to create them or level a trade-skill like alchemy to craft them. Nearly every game, whether offline or online, has this concept of potions. It’s the simplest and yet one of the most consistent elements in game-design to date.

The shape and size are exactly as a gaming potion ought to be. Although at first I was slightly shocked- it was much smaller than I expected, I have to admit it fits neatly into the palm of a hand, and would just as easily slip into a pocket or a backpack. To consider the concept of a potion, this is quite perfect. The bottle itself looks quite sturdy and it has a nice clear label with a sword ripping through the title of the potion.

The Taste

Well, I have to do some ripping myself. As energy drinks should be used sparsely, you cannot expect them to have a gentle soothing taste like candy. But this one, the Health Potion, turned my world upside down – no, literally. Clearly a really evil wizard is trying to transform me into something with this concoction…

I’ll have to admit that I’m not very good with strong tastes and this has a damn strong taste! It’s super sweet, chemical and the energy just trickles down your tongue. Candy-squared! It’s so chemical you can nearly feel it as it heavily lands on your stomach and changes your perception of gravity for a moment. This is a heavy drink, people – not for the light-hearted! Only the strongest warriors, or those with an exceptionally sweet tooth should be advised to drink them as a sport! Otherwise, keep them (since they look so great) until you need them most!

In short, an absolute wanna-have! Drinking them is at your own risk! Find these potions at!

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